BIZNOTES: Thaitan closing; Red Cup selling

Two biznotes from the food-and-drink department:

THAITAN CLOSING: After a tip (thank you!), we confirmed that The Thaitan at 5258 California SW is closing. We were told at the restaurant that Saturday (July 27) will be their last day. They plan to reopen elsewhere, location TBA. We reported back in January 2018 that a 9-townhouse proposal was on file for the site (with townhouses also planned on the two commercial sites north of it) and the city website indicates that the project continued to proceed, though the newest document is dated this past February. The restaurant has been The Thaitan for almost a decade.

RED CUP ESPRESSO FOR SALE: Multiple readers have asked about the “for sale” sign at the drive-up coffee shop at 4451 California SW:

The shop IS still open. A close-up look at the sign reveals the signage points you to We sent an inquiry and received the reply: “Alex has decided to go back to school to become an EMT, so he’s put the Red Cup up for sale. The owner of the property is hoping it will stay a drive-through coffee shop, or something along those lines.”

23 Replies to "BIZNOTES: Thaitan closing; Red Cup selling"

  • Natinstl July 24, 2019 (8:23 pm)

    Love Thaitan, hope it reopens close by.

    • Pam Ford July 24, 2019 (9:08 pm)

      I was in there Monday, was told by staff they are relocating to Roy.

      • ACG July 25, 2019 (8:30 am)

        The city of Roy or Roy St?

  • Lesley McQuarrie July 24, 2019 (9:12 pm)

    I also live the Thaitian and hope that it stays close by. White center could use thai food represented. Also, my sister and I were discussing the possibility of saving the old Taco Bell bldg. Of yesteryear. 

    • Joe July 24, 2019 (9:31 pm)

      Which was the old Taco Bell building?

      • ITotallyAgreeWithYou July 24, 2019 (10:32 pm)

        Where the Thaitian is currently, 5258 California Ave SW.

        • Lowman Beach July 25, 2019 (9:47 am)

          Didn’t that use to be Bison Creek?

          • helpermonkey July 25, 2019 (11:55 am)

            Bison Creek was next door where the Papa John’s was. 

      • GHO July 24, 2019 (10:46 pm)

        The Thaitan.

    • helpermonkey July 25, 2019 (8:22 am)

      we always called it “Taco Thai” 

  • Thd3 July 24, 2019 (10:51 pm)

    Red Cup is still open? Thaitan isnstillopen? Both have seemed closed forever. What about The Hydrant – I’m buying first round when that opens in 2050….

    • WSB July 24, 2019 (11:05 pm)

      Yes, Red Cup was serving customers during the Grand Parade on Saturday. The Thaitan was open for business when we went in yesterday to ask if the closure report is true. And as for the space that long promised The Hydrant, all that 3-year-old FOUR-year-old signage is down and the window painted to promote a City Council candidate.

    • S - in West Seattle July 25, 2019 (8:21 am)

      That’s a good one, 2050. Lol

  • Airwolf July 25, 2019 (7:02 am)

    so sad. Thaitan is my favorite and so convenient.     

  • ImNotSparticus July 25, 2019 (8:21 am)

    Thaitan was a fantastic place, with basil garlic chicken that rivaled Buddha Ruska, and convenient parking, but no one knew about it! We’d always go there because it was so quiet and good, but we’d often be the only people there. Looking forward to seeing them reopen!

  • KK July 25, 2019 (8:38 am)

    So sad about the Red Cup.  I love that place!

    • dude August 2, 2019 (6:38 pm)

      Don’t be sad.It’s staying open.Keep your eyes peeled.

  • Alex Rice July 25, 2019 (1:54 pm)

    Sad as well. I have been on a waiting list for the Fire Academy and have to choose one or the other. Thank you West Seattle. My Aunt was the Original owner and my intention is to keep the Cup preserved with the right person. -Much love.

    • LISA WAUGH July 28, 2019 (2:19 pm)

      Best of luck to you Alex it was a pleasure meeting you this morning!

  • Zasnky July 25, 2019 (4:36 pm)

    Guess I am the only one who thought the Thaitan was terrible.

  • dude August 2, 2019 (6:37 pm)

    I know the new Red Cup owner.She’s a local woman and a coffee wizard.Expect to be pleased.

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