ROAD WORK/TRAFFIC ALERTS: Avalon, Beach Drive, Delridge

As we head for a new week, a few things you need to know:

AVALON SHIFT: Reminder from Friday’s update on the Avalon/35th/Alaska project – this starts tomorrow:

Crews are scheduled to begin work on the west side of SW Avalon Way from SW Manning St to SW Charlestown St (Zone A) on Monday, May 20. During construction, we will maintain access to SW Orleans St. SW Manning St will be closed starting Monday through the next few weeks. Local access will be maintained to the alley.

For the rest of what’s up, read the full update here.

SPEED HUMPS: Looks like the Beach Drive speed humps, which SDOT promised to replace after removing them in January, are about to return. The curbs adjacent to those specific sections of Beach Drive (south of Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook) are signed as “no parking” for work starting tomorrow. Just before the repaving work north of the park last month, SDOT noted it was working to schedule the replacement.

Also an alert if you haven’t encountered this already:

NO (BIG) TRUCKS: Two readers noted there’s new signage attempting to keep big trucks from trying to use the narrow route where there’s a sharp curve at 20th/21st east of Delridge. You might recall that a truck got stuck for hours there recently. There’s new signage on the east end of the route too.

3 Replies to "ROAD WORK/TRAFFIC ALERTS: Avalon, Beach Drive, Delridge"

  • Bob May 20, 2019 (9:22 am)

    Those signs work real well.  Just had another truck stick and was removed.  The truck was a CDL driving school too.

  • Seana Barker May 20, 2019 (10:23 am)

    Another change to note on this intersection is that they put in a stop sign for traffic merging from the right off of Delridge. If you are going South and turn left now you have the right of way.  Used to be that the traffic going North and merging from Delridge had the right of way. Apparently they want to slow us all down in the mornings even more by making everyone stop there now.  20th/21st east of Delridge

  • John May 22, 2019 (5:54 pm)

    Instead of turning into 21st Ave on the first right, turn right after the bus stop instead to bypass the new stop sign. 

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