UPDATE: Car-on-side crash in Seaview

6:18 PM: Thanks for the tips and photos. The big emergency response in Seaview is for that car-on-side crash at 44th/Juneau. Apparently no major injuries, as the SFD call has already closed, 15 minutes after dispatch.

7:18 PM: Thanks to Kersti Muul for the additional photo, showing the other vehicle involved. Also, SFD just confirmed to us that no injuries were reported.

11 Replies to "UPDATE: Car-on-side crash in Seaview"

  • Swede. May 30, 2019 (7:04 pm)

    Yeah that’s a tricky road. Drive there everyday myself. Haven’t managed to flip yet though…

    • slow down May 30, 2019 (10:11 pm)

      i live here and its not tricky, its 20 mph. drive slow if its tricky or take a different route. im tired of people speeding down Juneau

      • Swede. May 30, 2019 (10:50 pm)

        I live there too… Was making fun of the terrible drivers in Seattle. Gotta teybpretty hard to flip a car! 

  • Harrison May 30, 2019 (8:57 pm)

    another uncontrolled intersection accident. This is what happens when you fly thru them assuming you have the right-a-way. 

    • WSB May 30, 2019 (10:14 pm)

      Don’t know whether anyone involved here was “fly(ing)” through. I will say we encountered some alarmingly fast westbound drivers on SW Juneau when we arrived later via southbound 44th SW to verify that the scene was clear …

      • slow down May 30, 2019 (10:41 pm)

        they were flying, i was there. 

    • hj May 30, 2019 (10:39 pm)

      Always entertaining to hear from the local amateur accident investigators!

      • The King May 31, 2019 (3:57 am)

        It seems views on speed can be subjective. George Carlin said anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot, anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac. Pretty much sums it up. 

  • St May 31, 2019 (2:07 am)

    I feel like there was a similar accident not that long ago nearby. It is frustrating that the city lowered speed limits to 20 on neighborhood streets and 25 on arterials but it’s not enforced or honored by many drivers I see on a daily basis.More of the same.

  • Joey May 31, 2019 (9:56 am)

    Jesus people slow down! This is why I’m terrified everytime I leave my alleyway between 44th and California onto Juneau. Visibility in the area is low with all the cars parked on the side you can’t just blast though at 50+.

  • Brian Feusagach May 31, 2019 (11:09 am)

    Speed can certainly be a factor in such crashes – but just as important is the failure to carefully cross through these intersections. Most of our residential streets have uncontrolled intersections (no signs, lights, etc.) and neither the west/eastbound streets nor the north/southbound streets are given the right-of-way. It is prudent to slow down at each cross street and look for crossing traffic in order to progress safely. If another car is approaching, one might run the risk of appearing in their own “you go first – no, you go first” Safeco commercial but at least everyone gets through the intersection safely.  

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