VOTE! Which five District 1 projects should get Neighborhood Street Fund money?

It’s time! The city has opened voting on proposed Neighborhood Street Fund projects. Through May 5th, you can use this ballot to vote for five projects you’d like to get funded. Assuming you want to vote in West Seattle/South Park District 1 (you can choose a different district on the ballot if you prefer), here are your choices – we’ve linked them to the full-proposal PDFs as also linked on the ballot:

*Trenton Street Improvements
*West Seattle Bridge Trail Connections
*Admiral Junction Pedestrian Crossing Improvements
*Sylvan Way Low-Cost Sidewalks
*Pedestrian Crossings in The Junction
*SW Holden Street Improvements
*Sylvan Way SW Improvements
*Highland Park Way Improvements
*Marine View Drive SW Guard Rail
*Delridge Pedestrian Crossings
*Westwood Transit Center Improvements
*Longfellow Creek Safety Improvements
*Crosswalk at 26th and Cambridge
*SW Brandon Street Sidewalks

Eligibility rules:

Voting is open to anyone age 11 and up who lives, works, goes to school, worships, receives services, volunteers, or is part of a program in the City of Seattle.

The ballot’s also available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Somali, all linked here. If you’d rather not vote online, you can also do it at Seattle Public Library branches, or at a pop-up voting event – nearest one will be April 24, 3-6 pm, at Roxbury Safeway (which is, oddly, outside city limits, but not by much – 9620 28th SW). Results of this vote will go to the Move Seattle Levy Oversight Committee for final decisionmaking.

18 Replies to "VOTE! Which five District 1 projects should get Neighborhood Street Fund money?"

  • Kathy April 15, 2019 (10:22 pm)

    I find it incredible that SDOT did not include a safe crossing of West Marginal Way between the Duwamish Longhouse and Herring’s House Park. It would be good to hear an explanation from SDOT why this project was not selected to compete. It received strong support from many West Seattle neighborhood groups and organizations. It also got a huge number of votes on the NSF website.

    • Mike April 16, 2019 (5:35 am)

      The same reason the federal government still won’t recognize the Duwamish people as an official tribe or the reason the Port of Seattle won’t give the Duwamish people their ancestral artifacts back, money.  If they start acknowledging the Duwamish people, these groups like the city, state, fed, Port of Seattle will have to start providing large sums of money and resources to the Duwamish people.  Our city is named after one of the most famous Duwamish chiefs, yet there’s almost no support of the Duwamish people.  That crossing of West Marginal Way is incredibly unsafe, people already speed on that road and trying to cross all those lanes with traffic going 40+ in both directions is definitely dangerous.

    • Jort April 16, 2019 (10:56 am)

      Well, at least we have an automobile “guard rail” option from which we can choose. That should help a lot with Vision Zero, right? Right?…….

      • Kathy April 16, 2019 (2:10 pm)

        There’s also a bike and pedestrian “guard rail”, e.g., jersey barrier separating the Delridge Way – West Seattle Freeway on-ramp from the West Seattle Bridge Trail. That might further the goals of Vision Zero because that trail is narrow and can be slippery right next to motorized traffic that is usually speeding.

    • chemist April 16, 2019 (6:24 pm)

      You mean this one?  I’m curious what the first-round SDOT estimate/comments were.

      • Kathy April 18, 2019 (12:15 am)

        The guard rail separating the Delridge Way on-ramp to the West Seattle Bridge Freeway from the pedestrian/bike trail is combined with the Delridge Way/Andover Street intersection improvements under the title “West Seattle Bridge Trail Connections”.

  • Kyle April 16, 2019 (7:01 am)

    I agree, it’s baffling that the west marginal way crossing isn’t on there. When I voted during the prioritizing round that project and the roundabout on Highland Park Way seemed to have the highest number of votes.

    • D April 16, 2019 (6:28 pm)

      I would have definitely picked the roundabout option if it was available. 

  • KM April 16, 2019 (7:51 am)

    Bummed about the crossing by the Duwamish Longhouse. That absolutely would had been my vote. I hope SDOT removed it because they already have the funds earmarked for that project and are starting soon, but they’ve disappointed on so many fronts recently.

  • LINETTE E COPPOLA April 16, 2019 (8:09 am)

    Westwood Village Transit stop needs major improvements for the waiting passengers.

  • kj April 16, 2019 (9:52 am)

    The sidewalks south of the Junction on California and surrounding neighborhoods are horrible! Why are those never fixed? Impossible for disabled to navigate!

  • chemist April 16, 2019 (9:53 am)

    Another year where the projects that actually make it through to the final round seem awfully heavily concentrated in the Delridge corridor area (I did vote in the prior round too).

    • WsR April 16, 2019 (11:47 am)

      As they should be. Delridge is both badly in need of improvements, and historically ignored. 

  • dsa April 16, 2019 (12:09 pm)

    The Port probably resists any attempt to add a light enabling a crossing for the Longhouse.  I think an overhead crossing would be safer, quicker and in the best interest of all.  That is what I would campaign for if it were me.

  • Church Lady April 16, 2019 (7:56 pm)

    The lack of explanation from SDOT given all of the support for the Duwamish crosswalk is bewildering.  The Highland Park Roundabout application has been changed to a stop light for this round of NSF.   I find this to be equally baffling.   So if people vote for this proposal then the roundabout idea is scrapped in favor of a stop light?  The limits of this grant determine the installation at Highland Park Way and SW Holden?   Maybe a stoplight would be fine or maybe not but this is a half baked approach to an important decision. 

    • WSB April 16, 2019 (8:24 pm)

      I inquired with SDOT today re: the W. Marginal Way project not making the cut. My inquiry was acknowledged and then handed off to someone else who has yet to respond. Perhaps tomorrow. To your larger point, there seems to be some odd overlapping, such as the inclusion of the Junction crosswalk painting, which (as we reported earlier this spring) supposedly is scheduled to happen anyway. – TR

      • BK April 27, 2019 (7:22 pm)

        I am also confused why some of the projects seem to overlap with projects that are already scheduled to occur. I’d love for you to look into that further if you have the chance. Perhaps we can hold SDOT accountable for this.

  • WSB April 17, 2019 (11:03 am)

    I need to talk to a few others (like the Longhouse) for a full followup but in the meantime, the official NSF SDOT response to me: ” The Duwamish Longhouse Pedestrian Safety & Accessibility is a complex project that is being separately approached by the department of transportation. SDOT is meeting with the project application group to discuss this project further.”

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