DEVELOPMENT: How ‘early outreach’ meeting for 8415 Delridge project went

(From Novion Group’s website for 8415 Delridge project)

Since the city changed the Design Review rules, few projects have been scheduled for a full board review – there’s nothing on the Southwest Design Review Board‘s horizon right now – but several have had informal “early outreach” drop-in sessions, usually drawing a handful of neighbors, with the format and even the choice of notification methods left up to the developers. Another one of those sessions was held this afternoon, this time for the 14-rowhouse project planned to replace a 65-year-old house at 8415 Delridge Way SW. Project architects Novion Group scheduled the meeting for 4:30-5:30 pm in the Southwest Library’s community room.

In addition to our reporter, three nearby residents showed up. Their concerns included poor drainage in the alley behind the property, explaining that it has a tendency to develop giant puddles. The project team said that will be addressed. Neighbors also wondered about the trees on the site; the project team warned that it’s early in the design process but most are likely to be kept. And they wanted to be sure that parking will be addressed for construction workers and, later, deliveries. The project itself includes one offstreet space per unit, to be accessed off the alley (which is discussed, along with other site characteristics, in this document that’s part of the project file).

We asked when they hope to start construction; could be as soon as one year away, depending on how the process proceeds.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: The architects will prepare a “design packet” for the Early Design Guidance phase, and the city will publish a notice when that’s available for review and comment (we’ll publish an update too).

P.S. If you missed the meeting but have concerns/questions about the project, Novion has a simple webpage for it with comment options.

3 Replies to "DEVELOPMENT: How 'early outreach' meeting for 8415 Delridge project went"

  • John April 9, 2019 (6:48 am)

    And they wanted to be sure that parking will be addressed for construction workers and, later, deliveries.”Certainly they are not referring to street use?  The street parking is available to all and the workers and delivery people have just as much right to it as local residents.  Besides, if you examine the aerial photo, you can see just how  much parking is available.

  • S - in West Seattle April 9, 2019 (4:50 pm)

    Wow 1 to 14 seems a bit much. 

    • AMD April 9, 2019 (7:16 pm)

      That lot is gigantic.  I am one of the ones who was relieved to see it’s being developed–so much dead space in the middle of an otherwise vibrant corridor.

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