Fauntleroy Creek culvert replacement ahead: 3 chances to find out what’s planned

The map is from Seattle Public Utilities, showing Fauntleroy Creek, which has a big project ahead, as explained by SPU:

There are three culverts along Fauntleroy Creek. The culverts located at 45th Avenue SW near SW Wildwood Place and California Avenue SW near SW Brace Point Drive are in extremely poor structural condition. Due to the culverts’ age, condition, and permitting restrictions related to fish passage requirements, the culverts need to be fully replaced.

The third culvert, which is located under Fauntleroy Way and includes a fish ladder, was replaced in the late 1990’s and is not part of this project.

The replacements also would improve conditions for salmon in Fauntleroy Creek, says the city. Right now, SPU is evaluating options for the replacement, before entering the design phase. At this early stage, you have three opportunities this month to hear from and talk with SPU reps:

*Fauntleroy Community Association business meeting, 7 pm Tuesday (March 12th), Fauntleroy Schoolhouse (9131 California SW)
*FCA annual meeting and Food Fest, 6 pm March 19th, The Hall at Fauntleroy (9140 California SW)
*Project-specific open house, 5-7 pm March 20th, The Hall at Fauntleroy

2 Replies to "Fauntleroy Creek culvert replacement ahead: 3 chances to find out what's planned"

  • ballardite March 11, 2019 (4:01 pm)

    Any word on how the utility is paying for these and how much they will cost?  

    • WSB March 11, 2019 (4:12 pm)

      While researching before writing this, the only cost information I turned up was this $6.2 million estimate:

      Given that’s not direct from the source – not an SPU webpage – I did not include it. But we’ll be asking whomever from the project presents the briefing scheduled at the FCA meeting tomorrow. – TR

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