Duwamish Rowing Club: Back on the water, and inviting you to a party on land

A two-part update from our area’s only rowing club:

The Duwamish Rowing Club is back on the water and already racing for the 2019 season.

We have about 16 youth who have been training in the gym with the coaches all winter so they could be ready to compete this month.

They started on the water in late February and were racing last Saturday, March 16th, at Green Lake for the Green Lake Spring Sprints.

DRC raced a Novice Men’s Open quad with two of our adult male rowers and two of our youth novice rowers and they took 3rd.

DRC also raced a Master Men’s Quad with two adults and two of our male youth.

There were also two women’s races; the first a Women’s Junior Novice Four with four of our novice women youth rowers.

Last was a women’s under age 16 eight with coxswain.

DRC has its first eight person rowing shell and it went on the river two weeks ago.

It was an exciting sight to see an eight on the Duwamish River for the first time and now our girls racing for the first time in an eight.

You can see the eight yourself in our poster below.

Every year DRC hosts a fundraiser to support our disadvantaged youth being part of the program.

Even when someone cannot afford the membership we are able to bring them in, teach them to row and coach them to be part of a winning team on the water. Come out and support our programs by attending the fundraiser, having fun and learn about rowing on your own Duwamish River.

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  • Mom of DRC rower March 21, 2019 (11:58 am)

    The DRC is a small but scrappy rowing club.  I love that they are teaching kids how to train, compete and be part of a community.  I also appreciate that they have space for those kids who don’t want to train only for rowing but want to learn the sport.  Who knew summer evenings along the Duwamish river could be so wonderful? 

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