West Seattle Crime Watch: 3 cars damaged by 1 hit-and-run driver

That’s some of the damage done by a hit-and-run driver in Highland Park. The photos and report are from Eric:

My car and 2 others were hit between 5 pm and 9 pm Saturday night on 9th Ave SW just south of Kenyon. Our car was the middle one, the Toyota Highlander. Still having trouble grasping how they hit the three cars how they did. Looks like there is white paint rubbed off on our car. Hit the red car first and somehow popped both tires. Then hit our car hard enough to push it up on the curb. Then the back corner of the Lexus.

Police incident # is 2019-068679.

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  • Katie March 13, 2019 (4:52 pm)

    Hi!  We may know the car that did this… there is currently a white Chrysler sedan parked in Springline Aparmtents that has extreme front end damage that may match this accident. You should contact the building manager immediately. This car just “showed up” a few weeks ago, around the same time of this post.Good luck! Hope y’all figure out who did this!

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