BUS CHANGES: Metro previews what March 23 ‘service change’ will bring, including added trips on Routes 120, 50

You have a month to get ready for some big bus changes downtown, and added service here. Metro went public this afternoon with a mega-preview of what the March 23rd “service change” will bring. It’s all detailed here – including these details of specific West Seattle note:

Route 50: Additional midday trips providing key east-west connections between Southeast Seattle and West Seattle (new timetable here)

Route 120: 10- to 12-minute service all day and improved Sunday service to 15 minutes (pre-RapidRide and funded by the City of Seattle), including 28 new weekday trips and 43 more trips on Sundays. (new timetable here)

While those are the only two West Seattle-serving routes listed with major changes, today’s announcement also includes details on other downtown changes, including all-door boarding on Third Avenue and the end of Metro’s shared use of the Downtown Transit Tunnel.

14 Replies to "BUS CHANGES: Metro previews what March 23 'service change' will bring, including added trips on Routes 120, 50"

  • WS Taxpayer February 20, 2019 (3:11 pm)

    speaking of busses, when are they going to remove the “bus only” lane from the 4th ave exit, now that the tunnel and downtown exit are open?

  • Mark Schletty February 20, 2019 (5:31 pm)

    The 22 bus stupid once an hour schedule makes it almost useless, and the low ridership proves it. I used to ride it often when it was every half hour, but now rarely use it. It had higher ridership with the more frequent running. Metro says it is underperforming and therefore doesn’t need more frequent service. That is somewhat like a selffulfilling prophecy.  Reduce its useability and then complain that it isn’t used enough. A whole portion of west seattle is being underserved while we are being urged to ride the bus more often. 

    • newnative February 20, 2019 (7:00 pm)

      I used to take the 22 to Westwood on the weekends. I loved it. 

    • KM February 20, 2019 (9:45 pm)

      I so so is wish the 22 ran more often. It’s really a great route through and underserved area, I would take it more often if it ran more often!

  • MJ February 20, 2019 (6:00 pm)

    Mark at least you have some midday service.  Many people in WS have zero midday service.  And I see the Mayor has diverted a portion of the car tab fee that are supposed to buy more transit service to other items.

    • WSB February 20, 2019 (6:16 pm)

      If by the “car tab fee” you mean the TBD, it’s car tabs plus sales tax. And regarding “diverting,” no, the mayor’s latest announcement is completely consistent with what’s in the TBD legislation, which includes spending money “to support access to transit services for low-income transit riders,” as per page 6:

  • Mj February 20, 2019 (7:39 pm)

    Thank you the legislation.  Providing more  bus service is the priority of the legislation.  And those WS residents not having midday bus service need to be provided added service.  

  • 1994 February 20, 2019 (8:02 pm)

    Do the more frequent buses increase ridership? Metro should supply some data and have an independent entity do an audit to determine if more frequent buses circulating brings more riders. If not, then would not appear to be cost effective and not a good use of funds to have buses circulating more frequently.

  • milthorst February 20, 2019 (8:15 pm)

    In Arbor Heights, we experienced “zero midday service” for several months after the 21 Local was made to end at Westwood Village and before the 22 was rerouted to cover the “loop.”  It is a godsend for us, even if only hourly, and provides a direct connection to West Seattle shopping and dining that we never had before.  I encourage my neighbors to use it so we don’t lose it.

  • Aaron February 20, 2019 (9:08 pm)

    Disappointed that the 120 still has its first stop at 3rd and Madison. Why not have a stop at Dearborn and 1st? Why not make the connection to King street Station/SODO/Stadiums??? Such a pain to go downtown then come back south when it could be solved with one more stop. Not everyone in Delridge/Burien works downtown you know…

    • HP Steve February 22, 2019 (9:23 am)

      A temporary Pioneer Square bus stop for the buses that previously arrived downtown VIA the SR-99 Seneca St off-ramp, and are temporarily rerouted to Dearborn St and 1st Ave until Columbia St is finished later this year, was one of the questions raised at Wednesday’s press conference.  The response from Metro was that at the present time they are not adding a temporary stop in Pioneer Square – they are trying to keep the buses moving northbound on 1st Ave in the left lane and adding a bus stop would backup both buses and general traffic on 1st Ave.  However, they are continuing to monitor.  Any Pioneer Square stop would be become obsolete later this year when the buses move to their new routing via northbound Alaskan Way and an eastbound bus lane on Columbia St to 3rd Ave.

  • AMD February 20, 2019 (9:36 pm)

    So excited for the increased frequency of the 120!  It’s often standing room only when it runs so infrequently.  And working late on Sundays is really rough when you have to wait so long for a bus to get home (and then stand the whole way).  For those who don’t ride this route regularly, it’s packed to the gills at 5am on Saturdays.  It is a heavily used bus route that goes through areas that are seeing a lot of development, and adding buses does increase ridership.  

  • supernova72 February 20, 2019 (10:46 pm)

    I take the 50 almost daily and it appears Metro read my mind.  I always felt it could have also been the next larger bus but added trips is a big plus.  I catch it at CA Ave and Charleston area and there are times that it is full once school gets let out.  Cheers.

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