WATER TAXI: Signs of impending increased service for Viaduct-to-Tunnel (and a bit beyond)

Thanks for the tips. With West Seattle Water Taxi service about to increase because of the Viaduct-to-Tunnel transition time, signs of the impending changes – announced months ago – are starting to show up today. Above, two big canopies are covering areas of the pier at Seacrest.

Nearby, signs are up for the temporary parking restrictions along Harbor Avenue SW – no parking 2 am-5 am on the water side of the street, between Fairmount and the north/west entrance to Don Armeni Boat Ramp. Starting Monday, the West Seattle Water Taxi will be on a two-boat schedule for the rest of the winter season, and will add midday service – you can see the revised schedule here. Along with street parking, there will also be parking available at Pier 2 (enter across from the Harbor Avenue 7-11) with a free shuttle to the Water Taxi dock and other changes detailed here. Here’s more on what’ll be different. Meantime, we’ll have coverage later this afternoon of today’s big Viadoom-readiness briefing, held at SDOT HQ downtown.

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  • Bruce Humberstone January 10, 2019 (1:30 pm)

    So the signs just showed up!!!!! How are people that live along Harbor Ave going to be able to park when this goes into effect Monday. No overnight parking in front of my building so someone that doesn’t live on the street can park there starting at 5:00 in the morning. Just more BS from our favorite mayor and city council. 

    • WSB January 10, 2019 (1:53 pm)

      There’s a sign in front of your building on the inland side of the street? They were only on the water side when we went by about an hour and a a half ago. The city has been consistent since announcing this months ago that the restrictions were only for the water side of the street, and I don’t know of any residential buildings on the water side of Harbor/Alki Avenues until just east of Alki Point.

      • Buttercup January 10, 2019 (2:14 pm)

        It’s so frustrating that even though the city and washdot. have been talking about this for months possibly a year that people will complain and bitch still. We should all consider ourselves lucky that we live somewhere that gives us the ability to get around. If 3 weeks of my life are compromised by this then my life is good. Grousing about it won’t change anything, attitude changes will make it much easier for each one of us. Put some music on, sing loud in your vechicle. Put a cd on and listen to a story, learn a new language, arrange to travel with someone and breakfast together in the car. Above all, STOP COMPLAINING.  Will pray for everyone to help them through this blip in time.

        • WSB January 10, 2019 (2:18 pm)

          Might I remark personally that taking Heather Marx’s advice about being nice (repeated at today’s briefing – separate story on that coming up in an hour or so, we’re finishing uploading the video). We stopped on 4th Avenue on the south end of downtown while en route to the briefing to let someone through, turning. Somebody behind us honked furiously. Really, no need for that. They weren’t going to get through unless somebody stopped for them. The people next to us saw us stop and did too!

          • Buttercup January 10, 2019 (3:15 pm)

            Thankyou, my case in point. We need to work together to get through this.

  • Noelle January 10, 2019 (2:27 pm)

    How long will it take for the Viaduct to be demolished & removed from the waterfront?

  • kathleen January 10, 2019 (4:53 pm)

    Folks where does the shuttle to the water taxi stop near Calif. and Admiral?  Is there a sign for it?  Thank you!

    • Alison January 11, 2019 (7:54 am)

      It stops at the bus stop by the gas station/7-11 on the corner of Admiral and California.  It basically stops at the metro bus stops.

    • WSEA January 11, 2019 (9:17 am)

      Just in case you were unaware, the water taxi bus stops at several locations along california (north of admiral) and admiral towards alki.   There is a little water taxi sign under the metro bus sign showing that its stops at that location.  

  • Dick Lunceford January 10, 2019 (5:28 pm)

    The water taxi needs to run Saturday Feb 2nd  for the   HYW 99 festivities.  How can we get that done?

    • WSB January 10, 2019 (5:35 pm)

      It is running that weekend, the county says.

      • Sam-c January 11, 2019 (5:22 am)

        It is disappointing it is not running other weekends.

  • Jeannie January 10, 2019 (6:26 pm)

    Will the water taxi be running other weekends besides Sat. Feb. 2?Also, the article said there will be temporary parking restrictions along Harbor Avenue SW – no parking 2 am-5 am on the water side of the street. Since the restrictions are temporary, when will they be lifted?

    • WSB January 10, 2019 (8:25 pm)

      No, it will not. Regarding the parking restrictions, the signage says through February 1st.

  • MJ January 10, 2019 (6:35 pm)

    Why the gap in service between the 1000 and 1145 boat?  

    • Alison January 11, 2019 (7:57 am)

      In the winter, they generally do not run ANY mid day water taxis.  So normally, during the winter, there would be no water taxis between 10 and 3:30ish.  They have added a few to for this viaduct schedule. 

  • CAM January 10, 2019 (9:50 pm)

    One of the water taxi shuttle stops is on Fauntleroy just south of Alaska. The construction there has had the sidewalk closed this week making the stop inaccessible. Is there any way of finding out when they are going to open the sidewalk back up?

    • WSB January 11, 2019 (12:25 am)

      That, I would suggest calling Metro about if you haven’t already. They might not even know.

      • Jeff Switzer, King County Metro January 11, 2019 (3:20 pm)

        We’ve alerted our service quality folks. It would be a City of Seattle or adjacent property issue to address, but one that we would be engaged in to help customers reach our service. 

        • WSB January 11, 2019 (3:59 pm)

          Thank you. I know it’s SDOT but figured that for the last thing you cite, that’s why Metro would want to know first.

          • Jeff Switzer, King County Metro January 11, 2019 (7:43 pm)

            UPDATE: According to our folks, the location is subject to a sidewalk restriction and the construction is south of the bus stop, which means it is reportedly accessible from the north side, including for ADA access. Hope that helps riders connect with this location.

          • CAM January 11, 2019 (11:58 pm)

            Thank you Jeff and WSB. I did notice today on my way home that the sidewalk was no longer closed. Hopefully that continues for the next few weeks. 

          • Fauntleroy January 12, 2019 (12:34 am)

            Hi Jeff, the stop in question (#19020) has signage above the post indicating that the water taxi shuttle 773 stops there, going northbound on Fauntleroy, but the metro maps show that the 773 to Seacrest leaves the junction going eastbound on Alaska and continuing to 35th Ave SW. I worry that new commuters may not know where to pick up the shuttle, as I typically see the shuttles stop at #33220 instead. Can you confirm if 773 should be running on Fauntleroy at all, and if not, would it be possible for someone to take a look at the stop to see if it’s incorrectly marked? You can see the signage via google maps.

    • Fauntleroy January 11, 2019 (9:14 am)

      Cam, I’ve always been surprised when I’ve seen water taxi shuttle signage on Fauntleroy as I have never seen one of their shuttles hit those spots. I would recommend walking around the corner to the C Line Stop, on the south side of Alaska going eastbound (in front of the Les Shwaub parking lot). I know that the water taxi shuttles pick up from there. 

      • CAM January 12, 2019 (12:00 am)

        I will have to explore that next week. I flex my hours to avoid the typical commute times regularly so the water taxi isn’t usually very helpful. The new schedule would be though. Especially since I have to be at a meeting downtown at 8 am sharp Tuesday morning. 

  • HBB January 11, 2019 (11:18 am)

    Any news on which 2 boats will be on the West Seattle run? Just wondering if there was a way to target the larger boats, so as to avoid getting stuck if the Spirit of Kingston is on the run and hits capacity.  

    • WSB January 11, 2019 (12:20 pm)

      They’re not going to downsize the Vashon route, which is not getting extra service for the occasion, so it would be Spirit of Kingston joining Doc Maynard. I don’t know that they’ll be assigning boats to a specific part of the schedule but we’ll ask.

      • WSB January 11, 2019 (6:03 pm)

        I have just gotten the answer to this one. San Juan Clipper will be the second boat on the WS water taxi route, NOT Spirit oK. Writing this info (including a projected timetable) into the Mega-Viaduct Roundup I am working on right now.

  • Kalo January 11, 2019 (5:17 pm)

    As a frequent pedestrian on the Harbor Ave sidewalk,  I sure would appreciate a little tinkle of the bell or shout out from cyclists, when they’re coming up from behind. It can be quite startling to us pedestrians. Cyclists go too darn fast on a surface that is shared with walkers!

  • Diane Ferrero January 12, 2019 (3:58 pm)

    Good luck everyone!  Glad I am retired.

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