Neighborhood Street Fund: Your turn to ‘prioritize’ West Seattle/South Park proposals

Another city grant program is seeking your thoughts on what should get funded. This time, it’s the Neighborhood Street Fund, and more than 20 projects are being considered in this area (West Seattle/South Park) alone – here’s the city’s clickable Google Map showing them:

Starting today, the “prioritization” process is under way, and the city’s asking you to do the prioritizing, as explained here. First, take a look at details of each project via PDFs linked here; then you can rank them online by going here – or at an upcoming meeting. There are two in D-1 – in West Seattle on Saturday (10:30 am February 2 at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW) or South Park a week from tonight (6:30 pm February 4 at South Park Hall, 1253 S. Cloverdale).

The NSF is an every-three-years grant program; one of the two projects approved for West Seattle in the 2016 cycle isn’t even complete yet (the Spokane/Harbor/Avalon intersection changes – just last week we learned the bicycle-crossing signal is still about two months away). The next phase after prioritizing of this year’s proposals, by the way, will be voting this spring.

2 Replies to "Neighborhood Street Fund: Your turn to 'prioritize' West Seattle/South Park proposals"

  • dunnkld January 28, 2019 (6:09 pm)
    • There  are some overlapping projects, 2019-8 and 2019-244, for example, for safe sidewalks on SW Brandon Street between Delridge Way and SW 30th. How will that affect the voting? Will it split the vote?
    • Also,  the Your “Voice Your Choice” project submissions for 2019 are due by the end of February. What happened to the ones approved for 2018? They kind of fell off the SDOT web site.
  • Azimuth January 28, 2019 (9:32 pm)

    Some of these seem like basic maintenance items rather than new safety improvements. 

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