BASKETBALL: Chief Sealth girls scrap it out vs. Ingraham

The third of tonight’s four high-school varsity basketball home games, like the second, had a final score that didn’t reflect how things rolled along the way: The Chief Sealth International High School girls led Ingraham 25-23 at halftime, then fell behind as the second half progressed. The video in our tweet includes the final Seahawk points of the game – a three-pointer by the night’s top Sealth scorer, #4, freshman Simone Lieberman.

Above is another of Sealth’s seven freshmen on the varsity roster, #34 Avoyelles Offord. The Seahawks have a young team, only two seniors. They’re back home at 7:30 pm Wednesday vs. Franklin.

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  • Sealth b-ball mom January 9, 2019 (8:04 pm)

    Make that only 1 senior left on the team (a remaining transfer student that’s new to CSIHS). My senior daughter endured a very tough past four years with three different coaches and a heck of a lot drama, but she decided when the negative out weights the positive, it’s time to call it quits. I was planning for a great senior night for her against WSHS, but now that won’t happen. They don’t appreciate the players they have that have toughed it out for so many years. 

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