West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen gray Leaf (found)

10:53 AM: Out of the WSB inbox, from Mark: “I am hoping to warn readers as well as get some community help to find my stolen car. My 2017 Nissan Leaf (Gray) was stolen on Christmas Eve in my parking lot: WA PLATE #BFC2811.” We’re following up to get theft-location information and will add when that’s available.

1:24 PM: 36th SW between Hanford and Hinds.

8:49 PM: Mark says his car’s been found, parked in front of a fire hydrant a few miles away, and he has it back.

3 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen gray Leaf (found)"

  • Swede. December 26, 2018 (12:01 pm)

    Didn’t think they where that easy to steal. Would think there was some better technology in there to prevent it. Luckily they have really short range so the thief won’t get far! 

  • zmmr December 26, 2018 (1:40 pm)

    There should be a GPS in that kind of car .Easiest to stop car thief- install face recognition.Whether you like it or not, it is here to stay. I have CLEAR and wizzy thru the airport in less than 5 mins  .People are afraid of privacy issue, but for me  I am not afraid …and after all I am ugly  looking  to care…

  • Eric1 December 26, 2018 (2:47 pm)

    The Nissan Connect app should have the find my leaf feature for that year.  The dealer  should have registered you to an account when you bought the car.

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