West Seattle Crime Watch: Black Pathfinder stolen in 1 minute

Only one thing is crystal-clear on that security video: Only one minute elapsed between another vehicle pulling up alongside Christine‘s husband’s black 1995 Pathfinder, and a thief driving the Pathfinder away. It happened in Sunrise Heights early Saturday, and we just got the report and video from Christine late Monday night. We’re awaiting the plate # so we can add it, but there’s a distinguishing feature: “KU stickers on the back window.” If you see it, call 911.

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  • Bee December 18, 2018 (4:58 pm)

    This is the same street where a number of cars were broken into the night before thanksgiving too. 

  • NativetoSeattle December 18, 2018 (8:12 pm)

    We’ve got to figure out what can be done to stop the car prowls, theft, package pirates, etc. I wish the glitter & fart bomb would solve the problem, but I don’t think it will. So sorry you have to deal with this. Being without your car, plus the time it takes to file a report, settle with insurance, etc. is a big pain. 

  • Simple Solution December 18, 2018 (11:53 pm)

    Resolution easy enough for a simpleton to figure out. Quit allowing opportunity to knock on a thieves door with temptation and ease of swiping your shit.When you place a order on line there is a section for one to add any special shipping or delivery instructions in which you advise to have package held at post office or placed in a hidden spot or have it drop shipped to your work in a relative who can be at home to receive. To avoid your car from being stolen pull the main relay along with the fuel relay located under the hood usually right by the battery or all the coil packs.Literally there are so many easy and accessible ways of temporarily disabling your vehicle and enabling when your ready to drive again.Google YouTube or your mechanic can provide you with some simple instructions.Even if a car thief is smart enough to pin point without accessing what is keeping the car from firing.The chances of them popping your hood confirming are like almost impossible mainly because they won’t have in their possession the key components to kick the engine over.

  • aa December 19, 2018 (6:03 am)

    Do steering wheel locks prevent car theft?  

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