West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen silver VW

From Patsy: “Keep a lookout for a stolen silver, 2009 VW Jetta SportWagen; state park license plate number is PK04605. It was stolen from our carport just off Admiral late Thursday or early Friday morning. If you see it, please report to the police: the police report incident number is 2018-400695.”

3 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen silver VW"

  • Kathy October 28, 2018 (12:19 am)

    I know where it Is! I will call the police right now and tell them where to find it.

    • Patsy October 28, 2018 (3:03 pm)

      Hi Kathy, Thank you so much! We got the car back today and it is in pretty good shape! I was thinking that a neighbor must have noticed it because it was tucked away by that sweet little playground. When did you first notice it? I’m so thankful to WSB and to neighbors like you!

      • Kathy October 28, 2018 (8:24 pm)

        I actually saw the guy pull in and park it when I was leaving for work at around 9ish Friday morning. Then he walked away on 42nd which was weird. Then I came home late last night and it was still there and happened to see your post on the blog! So I ran out and took a picture of the plate and realized it was your car! So glad that you were able to get it back!! Something seemed off about the whole situation and I was actually going to check if it was stolen today if I hadn’t seen your post.

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