The weekend event that was positively disastrous!

It was a one-shop preparedness stop at High Point Community Center on Sunday afternoon – the first of two big educational events local volunteers led by West Seattle Be Prepared are presenting this fall. Thanks to Karen Berge for sharing photos and notes! And yes, it wasn’t all deadly serious – above, Brian Nozynski from the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club shared a “MacGyver Moment” of improvisation with Cindi Barker of WSBP. (What he’s wearing is a “giant contractor’s bag” you can buy and carry everywhere – it can be used as clothing, sleeping cover, and more.) Informational displays were of course part of the event:

KING TV journalist Glenn Farley moderated; speakers were from a variety of organizations and areas of expertise, including Harold Tobin of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, who Karen reports “talked about the science of earthquakes – the different types, the frequency and potential magnitudes and the damage that might occur. He also talked about the new early warning system and what some of the benefits of that technology are. Even if it provides only 5 to 10 seconds of warning, it would allow time for citizens to drop-cover-hold and for critical operations to be paused or stopped.” Local Scouts helped present disaster-skills training:

Their presentations included disaster kits, water purification, and disaster sanitation. A recurrent theme: Emergency responders will be overwhelmed, so you have to be prepared to care for yourself and your loved ones – advice included having 2 weeks of provisions, and have disaster kits in your home, workplace, and vehicle. Before the three-hour-long event concluded, attendees were urged to get familiar with their nearest Emergency Communication Hubs and the volunteer captains for them.

P.S. Though signups are already full for the next presentation in November, there are other things you can do if you didn’t register in time – request SNAP training for your group, block, building, etc.; go play Disaster Trivia this Wednesday; browse the WSBP website and learn lots more about being ready.

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  • Jon Wright October 8, 2018 (7:06 pm)

    Cindi Barker is a West Seattle treasure! Thank you, Cindi, for all you do to help your neighbors prepare.

  • Tom October 9, 2018 (12:52 pm)

    Cindi is not only a West Seattle treasure as Jon says, but I think she is a treasure for the entire city! As a board member of the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club, I can tell you she is a very important person in our community. And Brian has some great ideas on improvising with common materials for use during a disaster. Proud to know both of them!
    As we say in amateur radio, “73” (Best regards) from N7OEP

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