FOLLOWUP: West Seattle stairway project updates, from Myrtle to Holly to Hill

(Photos courtesy SDOT)

That’s the stairway at SW Hill in North Admiral, complete, with enough funding remaining to replace the stairway on the east side of 42nd SW. SDOT‘s Greg Funk sends that update and others. He says the 42nd project “just started this week and will be opened back up by the end of November.”

Another update goes with this photo:

“SW Holly [at Beveridge] concrete work is complete and are awaiting post fabrication, and the order of recycled plastic for the rail. We are hoping to have the stairway opened before the Thanksgiving weekend.”

And finally, an update on the Myrtle/Sylvan/25th SW project first mentioned here in August. Some community concern led to a delay while SDOT talked with neighbors; a meeting is planned November 7th, per the newest notice:

The plan is expected to move forward after that – here’s the updated construction notice:

Funk adds that the crosswalk-related comments following our August stairway report have been called to the attention of the appropriate team at SDOT.

16 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: West Seattle stairway project updates, from Myrtle to Holly to Hill"

  • Delridger October 23, 2018 (12:13 am)

    That Myrtle/25th stairway will be so great to have! It’s nice to hear that the city is working with neighbors to deal with crime concerns, but I’m glad that they didn’t let those concerns completely derail this project. Thoughtful little additions like these really help make our area more walkable.

    It’s disappointing that they couldn’t make space for the bike runnel, though. That would have been a handy cut-through by bike that would have avoided the need to bike along Delridge and the lower part of Sylvan (past the Tug, Home Depot, etc.)

    But we can’t have everything, I suppose. Thanks, Greg! And thanks WSB for keeping us informed!

    • Liostro October 24, 2018 (11:13 am)

      I feel the need to comment on this. I live at the bottom of where the stairs will be and a huge concern has been crime as well as trash. Since this project has started I have picked trash out of my yard every single morning and evening. The city does not come out to deal with this. It seems like this will fall on my (home owners) shoulders.

      We have a two year old who plays in our drive and in the past few month we have had several beer bottles broken in our driveway. We also have picked up two used needles. This is issue that we have had, as I can not speak for the rest of the neighbors. But it is extremely concerning.

      I hope you come to the meeting on the 7th so we can hear from people who support it, but also from the people who are actually affected by the day to day aspects of this project and who ultimately have to deal with the consequences.

      • ScottAmick October 25, 2018 (12:43 pm)

        Looking forward to meeting you.  The improved pedestrian access will be attracting a lot more eyes on the street than the existing path so litter and more serious issues might slightly increase but the overall benefits of safer, better access to transit on Delridge (compared to walk Sylvan Way) should outweigh the negatives.  I’ll be interested to see a more detailed layout of the stair design and whether any lighting is planned.  

  • La October 23, 2018 (10:13 am)

    The Genesee stairs between Delridge and 21st SW have been great for our neighborhood. It’s easy to forget how uneven, damaged, and poorly lit they were before. A city project done beautifully and well!

  • dsa October 23, 2018 (10:14 am)

    Adding a bike runnel increases usage which should cut down on crime concern, IMO. Get the money from the bike program.

  • Mike Gilmore October 23, 2018 (10:17 am)

    Many thanks to Greg. I didn’t quite expect the level of acrimony some would express over a staircase — excited to see the finished product after concerns are alleviated. Thank you SDOT!!

  • ScottAmick October 23, 2018 (10:49 am)

    Thanks for the coverage. I’m surprised by the crime aspect of the Myrtle stair. I could accept some exaggerated criminal threat of a stair if there weren’t already a path in this location for years. I’m pretty sure criminals don’t care if a path or stairs are used as getaway routes. As a nearby neighbor I look forward to a safer and shorter route to the Metro route 120 on Delridge.

  • Amy October 23, 2018 (1:05 pm)

    I’m still confused how making a neighborhood more walkable will increase crime?

  • Dr. Robert October 23, 2018 (3:31 pm)

    @Amy, Walk either staircase on Hudson in The Junction to see. I walk both, every day, and the amount of syringes, drug baggies, and dumped-out, stolen purses are astounding. Couple that with the empty cold medicine boxes (for meth cooking,) and it’s easy to see how these unlit and shielded-from-view stairs are being used as safe spots to shoot drugs and go through stolen items.

    And, let’s not forget the awesome neighbors who use the isolated stairs to dump bags of dog poop off on their walks. I mean, it’s no exaggeration that I’ve seen dozens of bags on a single staircase.

    Context aside, I love the update to the stairs on 42nd. The old ones were so bad, and dangerous to walk on, and the new ones look great.

    • KM October 23, 2018 (4:28 pm)

      Dr. Robert–this already is a pathway. Adding a staircase and lighting will only make it safer for those using it on foot.

      Unfortunately crime like this happens everywhere, as we all know. I’ve found syringes on our existing sidewalks streets and at businesses, dog poop bags on my property. I will not be getting rid of my property anytime soon, nor do I expect others to advocate for the removal of existing pathways and businesses in our community due to theft and drug use. I’m not sure that’s what you’re trying to say, but it was in response to Amy’s question of inviting more crime.

  • Chris October 23, 2018 (3:59 pm)

    Thanks for the update. We live right by public stairs.
    They are handy and good for exercise. They are also used, I assume, buy teenagers in the area nightly.
    Not that I’m trying to blame them. I did the same thing – I just went into the woods. There is always graffiti and discarded marijuana items and empty containers and fast-food wrappers and poop bags…
    We had a couple of neighborhood clean ups.
    They were great.
    Probably due for another one.
    I would rather SDOT focus on safe roads.
    If the stairs were sold and a house put in on the slope, I might be okay with that too.

    • Chris October 25, 2018 (10:12 am)

      In case SDOT is reading these comments and taking them into consideration, let me clarify…The stairs on Hanford between SW 45th and 46th are what I’m referring to. If SDOT were to sell the property to a developer, I think it might make the area better. The stairs are really handy, but they are also a blight on the community. There is graffiti on the landings and handrails, as well as rubbish from marijuana and alcohol consumption up and down the stairs. I wonder if SDOT could do a cost/benefit analysis of maintaining public stairs based on public usage, like how they measure usage of roads with those strips.From the perspective of everybody who lives near the stairs, they are used for late night parties more than by pedestrians. 

  • Question Authority October 23, 2018 (6:17 pm)

    Recycled plastic handrails? If China isn’t going to take it anymore it seems like a good use as long as it’s abuse and sliver proof.

  • Don Brubeck October 24, 2018 (8:24 am)

    As population increases, to keep traffic from getting worse we need to encourage more people to walk, bike and take the bus. This stair will help people get to the 120 bus, and soon the Delridge RapidRide H. The stair is a good step (actually a bunch of steps) in improving access and safety for people who don’t always have use of a car, or choose to walk and taking transit.

  • Stephen J Winston October 25, 2018 (8:29 am)

    Two thumbs up for the new stairs project at SW Myrtle!

  • Mark E October 25, 2018 (5:51 pm)

    No word on the Thistle Steps project?  Has it gone away again this year too?

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