WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Suspect in custody in south West Seattle break-ins

2:54 PM: Thanks for the tips: Southwest Precinct Lt. Steve Strand confirms that police have “a suspect in custody for the Highland Park burglaries/assaults. All of the information at this point is lining up and looks like we have the right guy.” The break-ins happened on 11th SW, 12th SW, and 13th SW a short distance north of SW Roxbury in the early-morning hours of June 17th and 19th. The suspect is still being questioned and has not yet been booked into jail.

3:08 PM: A bit more information – police say “the victim in one of the break-ins recognized the suspect on the street and called 911. Officers took the person into custody and turned them over to detectives. Detectives have not yet linked the suspect to all of the cases, but continue to investigate.”

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  • Highland Park June 28, 2018 (3:25 pm)

    This is great news!! 

  • WSM June 28, 2018 (4:01 pm)

    It was actually another person that knew the victim that called 911. She sent a picture to the victim and asked if it was the guy based on description and his behavior. The victim was called over to ID him after the fact.

  • Concerned neighbor June 28, 2018 (4:07 pm)

    Proud of the neighbors! Disgusted with SPD!! Thanks blog & other media for the help!  

    • Debbie June 28, 2018 (5:17 pm)

      Really? Disgusted with SPD?  Stay classy!  

      • Yep June 28, 2018 (6:16 pm)

        I am disgusted with the spd because the spd didn’t respond to the call! The king county police did! Even after being identified by the victim, spd still did not respond to the call! .. this person had been reported 2 days ago on a domestic dispute and the victim not notified for identification even though this person matched the description. And it was also not the victim who called 911 it was a neighboring woman who reported it to the victim and the called 911

        • Steve June 28, 2018 (9:18 pm)

          What about all the other crimes the SPD resolve? Everyday putting themselves at risk. Cause you think they missed one you are gonna turn on them. Start thinking.

        • Anon June 28, 2018 (10:46 pm)

          the man was in king county. not seattle

    • Question Authority June 28, 2018 (5:56 pm)

      So someone who knew someone saw  someone who looked like someone the Police were looking for.  How is that the fault of the Police for just not driving by one minute beforehand and ID ing them themselves.  Karma will work wonders when you just happen to need the Police.

      • Yep June 28, 2018 (9:09 pm)

        And also.. karma did work in my favor, because this person is now caught! This person was identified 3x. This person is behind bars! So thanks for telling me that! 

    • Brenda June 28, 2018 (7:33 pm)

      Fill out an APP – they’re on line, instead of being disgusted – go do something about it  YOU are very concerning …. 

      • Yep June 28, 2018 (9:07 pm)

        Have this happen to you and then repeat do something about it! .. 

  • YES! June 28, 2018 (4:14 pm)
  • waikikigirl June 28, 2018 (5:15 pm)

    @CD why are you disgusted with the SPD? May you never need their help for anything with that attitude.And just try being in their shoes for 1 hour and lets see if you change your mind. 

    • CN June 28, 2018 (5:59 pm)

      1. Pic taken was clear & matched description given by informed person only to be denied a dispatch after 3 calls. King co finally helped. SPD claimed credit? 2. SPD patrolled one night & by live news broadcasts. I’ve not seen patrols promised. Others agree.3. No response most time to nightly car thieves observed. Gave up calling as I wait and no show. Must be busy at 330am. I could go on…I do actually agree with you in general. They are necessary but not helpful locally most the time. 

      • T June 28, 2018 (7:40 pm)

        Same experience. I think we’re short staffed plus officers are quitting because of the political climate. I kinda don’t blame them.

  • H June 28, 2018 (6:00 pm)

    Good news. This one was frightening to me.

  • KayK June 28, 2018 (6:22 pm)

    Great to hear. The police have been working on this very hard. Having a person on the street help out just emphasized that public safety takes a whole community!

  • Gene June 28, 2018 (6:44 pm)

    CN- disgusted with your comment-I for one say Thank You SPD.Grateful this person is in custody.

  • Quora June 28, 2018 (8:14 pm)

    I love how people are like “you better hope you never need the SPD’s help with something…” as if it’s some kind of luck of the draw or privilege.WE PAY THEM to do their job, and speaking from first hand experience recently, I have found on various occasions they are actually quite poor at it.SPD needs to be better, period. The “resources” excuse is old and tired. Do your jobs better.

  • Scrappy June 28, 2018 (8:46 pm)


  • B.W. June 28, 2018 (9:18 pm)

    Those pesky police people. We should just eliminate that City department. They cannot seem to do anything right anyway. Only reason we need them is to have someone to always complain about. Abolish the police and let’s just resort to neighborhood militias!

  • Scrappy June 28, 2018 (10:04 pm)

    We have a police force that amps up to respond to critical situations, en masse, not to respond to the mundane — in any timely fashion (car break-ins, nuisance, etc.) Trust me… There are usually not that many critical situations per day, night. Calls from citizens are put into a queue by protocols set within a dispatchers ‘training / handbook.’ How ‘they’ determine what a “PRIORITY” call is, is indeterminate. It is both frustrating and frightening in the same breath. FACT… Unless someone states there is a weapon involved, your call is placed WAY back in priority status. 

    • WSB June 28, 2018 (10:18 pm)

      “Priority 1” is life safety. That much I can tell you. Right now, for example, where police are dealing with a guy who is reported to have a gun and a machete.

  • Scrappy June 28, 2018 (11:41 pm)

    While I appreciate your verbage in determining “Priority 1” calls, do you not think that waking up to find a person sitting at the end of your bed a “priority” situation? Whilst there was no weapon involved, the situation warranted “priority” followup. There was a weirdo breaking into many peoples homes in the middle of the night for SEVERAL days. The “Keystone Cops” got lucky. King County deputies apprehended perp and EVENTUALLY Seattle cops showed up. 

  • waikikigirl June 29, 2018 (5:20 am)

    OMG if some of you didn’t have the SPD or as a matter of fact anything to complain about (off-leash dogs, fireworks…) you would have to curl up in the corner in a quivering mass.I for one appreciate the SPD, SFD, KCS, WSP and Medics for all the hard work they do EVERYDAY and when off duty…are they really ever off duty?!      AND also the tireless work of the WSB. :>)

  • Swede. June 29, 2018 (5:48 am)

    White center is ‘unincorporated king county’ which is NOT Seattle police department jurisdiction, it’s the king county sheriff office. Just like ‘Anon’ pointed out too. Doesn’t mention where the suspect where seen/identified but the break-insurance where just north of the ‘boarder’ of white center. 

    • jasoninwestwood June 29, 2018 (10:42 am)

      You are incorrect.  All of the break-ins happened north of Roxbury, which puts them within the city limits of Seattle/

  • Melissa June 29, 2018 (9:08 am)

    There is also a survey on micro policing plans for any one concerned about SPD response to their community https://seattleux.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_56jtU5ZxV67i6vH

  • rico June 29, 2018 (9:38 am)

    The criticism of SPD is totally warranted.  Doesn’t it strike all you SPD apologists as odd that Pierce County is using DNA technology to solve a variety of old crimes in a very proactive way.  What is SPD doing is this regard, they have plenty of old unsolved crimes to follow-up on.  Heck even just here is West Seattle in the last 6 months.  It really does feel like SPD is not even close to the region leader in law enforcement, kind of sad for such a well funded city, with an obviously increasing crime problem.  I am sure you can find some SPD stat that disagrees with this statement, but that is because SPD can simply drive the numbers down by not pursuing crime, in an attempt to save face. 

  • rico June 29, 2018 (11:57 am)

    With regard to this being in King County, what kind of excuse is that.  How many times have we seen Bellevue PD come over to Seattle with a bunch of personnel to capture someone in the last few years?  Why is that?  Did Bellevue ask SPD to capture said criminal? 

    • CAM June 29, 2018 (2:17 pm)

      No. But they did likely ask for permission to do so from multiple sources and it was likely organized well in advance. You can’t arrest someone outside your jurisdiction without approval, in the same way the US can’t send people to Mexico or Canada to make arrests without approval from multiple sources. We have no idea where this person was located when arrested but if they were outside Seattle then it is entirely possible that SPD was working things out with KCSO to get this done. We simply don’t know and until that information is released it isn’t really reasonable to be lobbing criticism or praise at anyone. 

  • rico June 29, 2018 (12:05 pm)

    Who was the last real Chief at SPD that actually led with a commanding presence and was willing to speak up and take charge when needed.  I am drawing blanks, Kerlikowksi, probably not, who?I am not anti-police at all, have several friends on the SPD force (retired now), but with regard to law enforcement SPD has been trending in the wrong direction for a while.  Many factors for sure, but it would be nice to reverse that trend.

  • alkiobserver June 29, 2018 (12:29 pm)

    I am glad they got this guy and I don’t care how it came about. It is the kind of spree that would only escalate. And I happily and gratefully support SPD. They put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis for an often ingrate public. They have an impossible job with deplorable leadership in the city council and mayor’s office that openly is hostile to them. So easy for folks to complain about them, while unwilling to do the job either. 

  • sixbuck June 29, 2018 (3:33 pm)

    Rico, it was Patrick Fitzsimons  Been a while. 

  • jason June 29, 2018 (9:58 pm)

    My SUV was broken into outside my house in Highland Park area. It was probably the same guy.🤔

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