VIDEO: Music and merriment in the street as HONK! Fest West takes over White Center

2 PM: A day full of fun continues with the street-band festival HONK! Fest West taking over the heart of downtown White Center for the rest of the day, until 6 pm. We previewed it here last month – you might recall the festival’s day in The Junction back in 2010. Today, 16th SW is closed between Roxbury and SW 98th, with “stage” areas at either end, plus another one on 98th (closed between 15th and 17th) east of 16th.

The band list and map are on the HONK! Fest West home page. You will also find lineup boards by each stage – bands coming up range from Garfield HS musicians to the Seahawks’ famed Blue Thunder. Get down here – it’s all free.

8:05 PM: A few more photos:

And in case you missed Garfield – we had video in this tweet on our @whitecenternow feed:

WCN is also where we’re adding even more photos and video. Meantime, the third and final day of HONK! Fest West is tomorrow in Columbia City; day one, Friday, was in Georgetown.

3 Replies to "VIDEO: Music and merriment in the street as HONK! Fest West takes over White Center"

  • HelperMonkey June 2, 2018 (8:26 pm)

    This was such a cool event! 

  • EdSane June 2, 2018 (10:14 pm)

    I was driving  through Georgetown and heard this performance going on yesterday but couldn’t stop to check it out. Saw this post today that they were in White Center and had the free time to walk over with my partner. What a neat event!

  • HpDudette June 3, 2018 (4:42 pm)

    Was a really cool event definitely enjoyed glad they came to white center.

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