FOLLOWUP: Break-in suspect charged, bail set at half a million dollars

7:24 PM: Criminal charges usually take a few days to prepare and file – but the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office worked fast in the case of the man arrested Thursday in connection with the south West Seattle break-ins. 26-year-old Keelan T. Malone was charged today and remains in the King County Jail, bail set at $500,000.

The charging documents aren’t yet available but the jail register lists the charge(s) as burglary/indecent liberties. We did receive the probable-cause documents from the prosecutor, which detail the incident in which a woman awakened to find the intruder crawling on the floor toward her bed, then getting onto it and proceeding to grope her. At one point, the document says, the victim’s disabled mother, who lives with her and the victim’s 9-month-old son, opened the door and asked if she was OK, and the attacker told her to say he was someone she knew. She pleaded with him to go away and subsequently offered him money, which he took and left. He left his phone behind, came back for it moments later, and that, the report says, was the last she saw of him until spotting him “in the neighborhood” yesterday. After being arrested and taken downtown for questioning, the report says, Malone denied involvement, but then acknowledged physical contact with the victim, and subsequently “began to tell (police) smaller details of the incident that clearly showed he was in the residence (that) night.”

That’s all we have pending the availability of the charging document. The probable-cause document lists a Judkins Park address as Malone’s “last-known address” and later says he is “homeless with no known ties to the community.” But a police source mentioned that the defendant is a former college-football player and an online search turns up a man with the same name, same birthdate, born in Seattle, having played at Villanova University in 2010, 2011, and 2012. No criminal record is showing for Malone in this state.

SATURDAY, 4:44 PM: The charging documents are now online. The only new information is confirmation that Malone is charged with two felonies – first-degree burglary with sexual motivation, and indecent liberties. Both are in connection with the same incident. (This doesn’t mean he won’t/can’t be charged with any of the others.) He is scheduled to appear in court for arraignment – to enter an initial plea – on July 12th.

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  • La June 29, 2018 (7:49 pm)

    People, please be careful on hot summer nights and lock all of your doors and windows.  Make it as difficult aspossible to get in.  This was too reminiscent of what happened in South Park a few years ago, and as badly as these poor women were traumatized, the outcome could have been so much worse.

    • Christa June 29, 2018 (8:38 pm)

      Perhaps you are not aware, but one of those women died leaving the other alive without her long time partner, and they were both stabbed multiple times after being repeatedly raped for hours. I’m not really sure what would be worse… 

      • WSB June 29, 2018 (8:58 pm)

        I believe by “these women were traumatized” and “it could have been worse,” she meant the West Seattle victims (the probable cause document only retells the one case; until the charging documents are available, we won’t know if he was charged in any of the other cases), not the South Park victims. – TR

        • Christa June 29, 2018 (10:09 pm)

          Oh yes. I see. Thanks for clarifying! All situations just really bad all the way around… Sorry for my confusion. 

    • Peeb June 30, 2018 (5:56 pm)

      I read the story of the women in South Park in Seattle Weekly. One of the most terrifying things I’ve ever read, and I doubt I’ll ever forget it. I would never leave a ground-floor window open at night after reading about it!!

  • A June 29, 2018 (8:54 pm)

    Was surprised to read that he is homeless. Did not know there was a homeless population in highland park. The woman at golden gardens park was attacked by a homeless man. The woman who was sexually assaulted at a Ballard car dealership was by a homeless man and this guy already traumatized people but who knows the damage he would have caused if he weren’t caught. I know people want to defend the homeless but just know that the more we allow the homeless crisis to grow, the more stories like this we are going to hear about

    • Joel June 29, 2018 (9:16 pm)

      Not exactly highland Park but old nickelsville area still has several areas of homeless…..although it looks like some were cleared this week….not that the 3 foot high plastic fence being put up will keep them from coming back.

    • CAM June 29, 2018 (9:31 pm)

      Are we going to get a similar list of all of the not homeless people who have been accused/convicted of a sex crime in the last 2 years? I’m pretty sure that list would be longer. 

      • Helpful June 29, 2018 (11:45 pm)

        Would this new list be 100 times longer?

      • A June 30, 2018 (9:38 am)

        That list would be much larger since the homeless make up I don’t know maybe 1 percent of our population. You know that both the man who attacked the woman at golden gardens and the man who raped the woman at the car dealership were vagrants from out of state. They moved here likely because our city council has made this a homeless friendly city. I don’t know about you but I sure as hell don’t want violent, homeless sex offenders moving to our region because this is a welcoming climate for them. We need to do everything in our power to protect the women in our city and fixing the homeless crisis will definitely help. I don’t feel safe as a man when I am near a bunch of homeless people who are usually wandering around strung out on drugs. Imagine being a woman around those people and not knowing if you will be attacked or what kind of crimes those people have committed and what they are running from. Let’s be real, a large percentage of these people are drug addicts and criminals that is why they ended up on the streets. They burned too many bridges and have nowhere else to go. I say send em back to where they came from enough is enough

        • heartless June 30, 2018 (10:53 am)

          “I don’t know about you but I sure as hell don’t want violent, homeless sex offenders moving to our region because this is a welcoming climate for them.”

          Out of somewhat morbid curiosity, where would you have them live then?

          • A June 30, 2018 (4:14 pm)

            I would have them live where they came from. A huge percentage of the homeless population aren’t from here. The homeless camp by the space needle where one of the vagrants brutally attacked a family of tourists is a good example. The news interviewed multiple people from that camp and they were from Kansas and Florida I believe. One couple even said the city(our tax dollars) was paying for their airfare to go back home to Kansas.  The only reason the city is doing this is because something had to be done in response to the brutal attack on the tourists. I hate that our tax money is going to airfare to send these vagrants back home. I think a one way bus ticket would suffice but I am hopeful that this can be the start of something productive and the city can start putting a dent in this crisis by returning these people to where they came from. Word needs to get out that our city is not a homeless mecca and we don’t want other cities problems coming here

        • CAM June 30, 2018 (11:06 am)

          That’s a lot of conjecture from two cases and what does any of that have to do with this case about a man born in Seattle? Sex offenders are found in every population and category of people and you’re a lot more at risk from the ones that are your neighbor than the random stranger. You only hear about the random stranger cases because those are far more interesting for the media to report and are good for clicks or ratings. If you’re scared of a group of people that’s fine but saying that the homeless are rapists coming here to hurt women is a bit much. 

        • Jon Wright June 30, 2018 (4:09 pm)

          There are a couple of problems with the “homeless people are all moving here” trope:You only hear about the people who have move to Seattle, never the ones who have moved from Seattle. It doesn’t seem like a stretch that whatever migration is happening is bidirectional.Homelessness isn’t unique to Seattle. Search the internet for “homeless in <city>” and you’ll find a lot of the same discussions we have in Seattle.

          • HM June 30, 2018 (6:31 pm)

            And the fact that most of the housed people will tell you they’re from somewhere else if you asked them.  That answer wouldn’t change because they had a run of bad luck and ended up homeless.  That doesn’t mean they moved here to be homeless.I’ll also never understand the idea that someone would choose a place where it rains nine months out of the year to sleep outdoors.  Los Angeles has way better weather and similar laws.  Better still, New York City considers shelter a human right and pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to put homeless people up in hotels when they run out of shelter beds.But, no.  It is definitely WAY more desirable to sleep outdoors in Seattle, lol.Back on topic, it is super disheartening to see this conversation become an indictment of the homeless.  “A” makes it sound like he’s cool with violent sex offenders moving here as long as they’re not homeless.  That fact that there’s more hate for his housing status than his crimes is disturbing.  If you want to “do everything in [your] power to protect women in our city” maybe you should start by focusing on his actual crime instead of where he lives.  I don’t have to imagine being a woman around “those people” because I am one.  And they don’t scare me half as much as people like A whose actions are driven by ideology instead of facts.Homelessness is not the problem here.  

          • WSB June 30, 2018 (7:53 pm)

            A while back I included in a comment a list of links of news stories about homelessness in other cities.
            Can’t find it but all you have to do is search Google News for homelessness and the city name of your choice.
            I started with Los Angeles. One thing that came up – Politifact’s myth-debunker article.
            Myth #1 in California? Same as here, “they’re not from here.”

            Also from Google News, a sample of stories:

            Las Vegas homelessness – people upset about camping in their neighborhood

            Denver homelessness – thousands in the metro area

            St. Louis homelessness – tiny-house village being built for homeless vets

            Chicago homelessness – sweeping an encampment

            Houston homelessness – latest count

            Boston homelessness – feature about two students trying to help with the problem (estimated 6,100 homeless people in the city, article says)

            St.Augustine, FL, homelessness – new law just moves people from one spot to another

            Multiple cities, particularly Nashville, spotlighted in this Washington Post feature about deaths among those who live unsheltered

            Anyway, back to the original subject of the story above. Keelan Malone was born in Seattle, according to the Villanova bio, which mentions a California high school before college. So he may have local ties, still. – TR

          • A June 30, 2018 (8:22 pm)

            Jon- Here are the reasons the homeless/ junkies are moving here and the homeless from here aren’t leaving. 1. Our city allows you to park your RV on the street for as long as you want if you say that is where you live. I know this first hand because there is an RV on my street that hasn’t moved for three weeks that I have reported to parking enforcement three times and nothing has been done2. Our city allows you to carry small amounts of heroin/crack or other drugs without being prosecuted3. Our city is in the process of creating safe injection sites where addicts can shoot up4. Our city rarely prosecutes or responds to property crime. We have the highest property crime rate of the top twenty cities population wise. 5. You can live in an encampment such as Nickelsville under the radar. The police are not allowed to check you for warrants. The Homeless guy who raped the woman at a Ballard car dealership(he surprisingly came here from another state) was hiding under the radar at an encampment with an active warrant prior to the rape6. You can camp pretty much anywhere in the city. On the sidewalk, under an overpass, in the many greenbelts around here. It’s a camper/professional homeless paradise here7. The city is building you housing! You can come to seattle without a house and they will build you a tiny house to live in and you don’t even have to be sober to live in it! Need more reasons? Seattle has always been known as a welcoming city and that is something as a native that I love. There are things though that you shouldn’t be welcoming of and one of those things is welcoming homeless drug addicts who don’t want help getting better. We have welcomed this problem to the point of it becoming a crisis. It’s time to get tough and offer these people help improving their lives rather than enabling them. If they don’t want the help then start enforcing the laws and they will move on. You can’t park wherever you want for as long as you want. You can’t camp wherever you want and for god’s sake you can’t shoot up heroin wherever you want. Is that too much to ask?

  • rico June 29, 2018 (9:02 pm)

    But Mayor Jenny says Seattle is safe, therefore it must be soWay out of hand

  • Quora June 29, 2018 (9:27 pm)

    Wait a minute, this dude played college football at Villanova, likely on a scholarship?

    • Yep June 29, 2018 (10:17 pm)

      Full sports scholarship. 

    • My2cents July 5, 2018 (8:01 am)

      #my2cents Let me first say that we should please remember that everyone is innocent until proven guiltily. I know this young man and it sounds completely outside of his character. But, if he did what he is accused of, then we can all be happy that he was caught before any further damage was done. Even though the victim was not physically hurt, if things happened as reported, I can only imagine the fear and stress she went through that night. It definitely sounds like a nightmare. But, let’s imagine if his side of the story carries the least bit of truth… He claims that he met the girl earlier that day. They talked about her babies father walking out on her. They made arrangements to see each other later that night. When he got there the girl realized that he was different than she expected (most likely a bit strange) and not really feeling him. Things got loud. Her mother walked in on them and asked him to leave.  He was given some money(that he did not ask for) and left. He forgot his phone and went back for it. There was some type of glass(not from a broken window) outside the house that he did not see. He tripped over it and it broke. He tried to pick up the glass and cut his finger. Then he left again. Questions: Did they call the police right away? He had time to leave, come back for his phone, and pick up glass before the police showed up? If they had a registered gun, why didn’t they go get it when he left the first time while waiting for the police? Did they really open their door again to give him back the phone? The glass that broke was supposedly not a window. Were they outside with him picking up the broken glass? That part of the story is a little confusing to me. I would not have opened my door. He would have had to get his phone from the police. Regardless of the truth in this story, this young man’s situation is unfortunate. He does suffer from mental illness. But, he is not known to be a criminal, by way of rapist, burglary or violence. He shows definite signs of CTE brain disease(only confirmed after death). He has been diagnosed with Depression, Bipolar and schizoaffective disorder. All of which started to become apparent after graduating  from college. He is a well spoken intelligent African American man who is often perceived as normal at first glance by appearance. But reality is that he has suffered from mental illness for the last two years. He is on medication that he says does not make him better. He complains that it makes him feel worse and strange inside. He use to(maybe he still does) self medicate with alcohol and marijuana but the THC and Ethanol exasperated his mental instability and caused more of a psychosis state of mind. If the use of meth is true, it is a new experience and extremely unfortunate. Apparently, some of the symptoms of mental illness Mimic the appearance of drug use. It is often difficult to confirm the difference. From what I hear, Meth is an awful addiction that is rapidly growing in every city throughout the world. If this has become a serious problem for the suspect, and if he is guilty as charged, it is a blessing that he was caught before things got worse. But he also deserves to have a fair hearing before he is thrown in prison and assumed guilty with malice intent. And he should be seen in mental health court. He is a big strong guy who could have easily physically hurt someone if his heart was evil. But he did not(thank God). And, we must be rational in our thoughts as to why he did not follow through if his intent was to hurt and rob someone. Most criminals that I have read about don’t invade a house without a weapon and don’t leave the premises just because they were asked to. The day he was arrested he called the police 3 times from his own phone. He was arguing with his Aunte about his room being a mess and the fact that he needed to get some sleep. She wouldn’t let him leave the house. He called the police for them to help him get his things out of her house. The police went to the house around 12:30pm. They were asked to take him to the Crisis center downtown Seattle because he was apparently having a mental breakdown. Instead they took him in handcuffs and interrogated him until they booked him at 4:50pm. All of which is fine as long as he is completely guilty of what he is charged with. I just know that a normal criminal would not have called the police to help him leave his Aunts house. Nor would he stand around yelling and screaming to bring attention to himself.  I pray that the complete truth be revealed. Even if it is exactly as reported in this article. Regardless of the outcome, I hope this young man can get the help that he needs with his mental illness. He has “Anosognosia”. His insight is very poor regarding the seriousness of his mental illness. His life was set up for success but mental illness kicked in before he could get there. He planned to play in the NFL but he had two major surgeries that cost him his football career. He is still training to compete as a boxer in the Olympics. His potential was exceptional and his struggle to hold on to his hopes and dreams is real. All of which only sounds delusional to those of us who didn’t  know him prior to 2015. Regardless of the outcome of this case, I truly believe that football(too many hits in the head) ruined his life. Even today, he is a tall, fit and handsome(when groomed properly) young man. There was no reason for him to be out doing what he was accused of unless there is something seriously wrong. But, please remember, just because he suffers from mental illness and admits to being at the young ladies house, it does not mean he is guilty of everything that is reported. I am glad he admits being there. Let’s hear the facts and let the Judge and Jury do their job. Mental illness is a serious issue. Many people do not realize to what extent it affects our society(all of us) when we try to pretend as if it does not exist. If things do not add up, let’s try to figure out why before we pass judgment  and blame. That does not  mean we excuse crime and unacceptable behaviors. That just means we should come together to find solutions that might  help everyone involved. People who suffer from mental illness do not want that burden. That is one of the heaviest crosses to bare. I’m sure if they were given a choice they would say “no thank you, I’ll pass”. We should continue to have sympathy and empathy for victims who suffer from such accusations that are listed in this article. They should be our first concern.  But let’s also work together to understand how we might be able to prevent future incidents. I agree with the response regarding locking our doors and doing our do diligence to keep our families safe. Because we should all know that there is always someone out there looking for an opportunity. If not this young man, then someone else. Another way we can be proactive is to be more active in finding a solution to help people who suffer with mental illness. As I said before, they did not ask for this condition. And lastly, no human being should ever have to sleep outside in the streets. Many homeless people are mentally ill and self medicate, which does not help their situation. I can only imagine how the people who are homeless, but not suffering from mental illness, must feel. I would think that homelessness might be considered a condition that could cause ones state of mind to be vulnerable to memtal illness. But that’s just my personal opinion. I am trying to do my part to help with the drug, homeless and mental illness epidemic by bringing more awareness. I see that some of you are doing the same. God Bless us all. #pleasedonotjudgeuntilyouhavewalkedamileinmyshoes. 

  • Scrappy June 29, 2018 (9:42 pm)

    Mayor Jenny’s “Seattle is safe”… Smoke and mirrors. My guess is that not until some ‘innocent tax paying home-dweller’ is killed [again] that the beauracractic passivism is pushed to alter policing procedure. Police are frustrated…policy sometimes changes DAILY. 

  • Rara June 29, 2018 (9:50 pm)

    Another reason women need weapons. We are always a target. It’s scary as hell being a woman in this day and age. It shouldn’t have to be but it is. 

    • violence is not the answer June 30, 2018 (10:50 am)

      Rara: My take away is actually quite the opposite.  Here are a few reasons why:1) Where would the weapons have been?  Under the pillow?  Are you suggesting women should feel scared enough they need to sleep with a gun?2) That none of the victims had (or, rather, used) a weapon helped everyone–and yes, I include the intruder in this–avoid being shot and killed.  I count that as a win.As others have pointed out this individual seems really screwed up–I hope he gets help and never does something like this ever again.  I am also really glad nobody got hurt or killed during any of these encounters–and yes, that includes the suspect.  I don’t think he deserves death.Instead of relying on weapons I would encourage everyone to take steps to secure their home–good perimeter safety, locks, lighting, alarms systems, etc.  Ask any cop and they’ll tell you the same thing–all of those steps are infinitely better than sleeping with a loaded gun under your pillow.

    • Don’t assume facts June 30, 2018 (4:01 pm)

      The woman he assaulted is a concealed carry permit owner. She has a gun. I don’t know if he’ll be charged with the other cases in our neighborhood, but I know at least one of the other homes also had a gun on the premises. Guns didn’t help them. 

  • Rick June 29, 2018 (10:05 pm)

    She’s already workin’ on her re-election campaign.

  • Scrappy June 29, 2018 (10:09 pm)

    I’m also curious…”Criminal charges usually take a few days to prepare and file – but the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office worked fast in the case of the man arrested Thursday in connection with the south West Seattle break-ins.”Are the beaurocrats finally realizing that the people of Seattle are finally tiring of their “homeless” LACK of accountibility? They “need a win” for the team. Calm public OUTRAGE at their complete inefficency?

    • Wscommuter June 30, 2018 (10:08 am)

      Your ignorant comment deserves response.  You clearly don’t understand the reality of the volume of criminal charge referrals that come in – daily – to the Prosecutor’s Office – from literally dozens of police agencies around King County.  Those perceived as extra serious – violent crimes, sex crimes and so on – get immediate attention for filing within the 72 hour hold period when an arrested person is jailed pending a “first appearance”.  This crime fell in the range of extra serious, I assume, because of the element of a sex crime.  Routine felonies – drug charges, property crimes, etc., simply can’t be handled as quickly – there are only so many prosecutors available to review and approve charges for all the hundreds of felony referrals that occur each week.  And that is because the other 95% of the prosecutors are the ones in court trying the cases that are charged, and doing so under cut budgets that have actually reduced the numbers of prosecutors over the last decade.  And referring to those prosecutors derisively as “bureaucrats “ reveals your ignorance.   No – I’m not a prosecutor.  But at least I pay attention to facts, rather than ill-informed ad hominem attacks.  

  • justme June 29, 2018 (10:21 pm)

    The guy should be checked for traumatic brain injury. He played football for several years. TBI symptoms can include behavior disorders and reasoning & judgement issues, among many other symptoms.

    • datamuse June 30, 2018 (10:53 am)

      I was thinking this too when I saw that he used to play.

    • AJP June 30, 2018 (10:56 pm)


    • Yep July 1, 2018 (10:39 am)

      The media fails to actually tell that this man was a meth addict.. openly admitted meth addict!.. I know quite a bit about TBI, and yes I’m sure if he does have TBI, he could be more erratic in behavior but at the same time, regardless he chose his actions. I really wish the media and the spd would say the truth.. 

      • WSB July 1, 2018 (10:54 am)

        We’re not “fail(ing)” to report that. There is nothing in the court documents (which incorporate the incident report) mentioning drugs (I just reread to be sure I hadn’t missed something), and nothing that I turned up in searches. – TR

        • Yep July 1, 2018 (8:25 pm)

          Just according to king county sheriffs and him vocally saying it .. but whatever.. even the way this has been explained has been backwards and not factual 

  • Alki resident June 29, 2018 (11:30 pm)

    This guy has no criminal record, is 26 and had played college football. He apologized to one of his victims which can be odd, claiming someone put him up to it. I wonder if he has a brain injury from his football years. This doesn’t seem like a typical criminal to me. 

  • Joel June 30, 2018 (9:09 am)

    if your car alarm works from your night stand it’s a good idea to sleep with it next to you.

  • H June 30, 2018 (10:07 am)

    I’m so thankful he was arrested and is being held with a significant bail. 

  • Laurel June 30, 2018 (4:32 pm)

    I totally agree. Our homeless population has grown exponentially because so many come from out of state. Our City Council is pathetic & they, along with many others, enable this problem. I’ve been traveling around the US and haven’t seen anything even close to what we have in Seattle. I’m ashamed of what our city has become. 

    • A June 30, 2018 (8:37 pm)

      Amen Laurel! As a Seattle native I am sickened by what our city council has allowed our city to become. They treat the homeless drug addicts better than they treat the hard working tax payer. I was recently in Chicago and they have their own issues but man I was so impressed with downtown Chicago. It was clean, I felt safe, there weren’t tents and junkies/zombies wandering everywhere. I saw less homeless there in three days than I see on one block here. It was everything I wish our downtown could be and we can make it that way if we change our city council

      • Ice July 1, 2018 (11:46 am)

        Making claims that the city council treats homeless people better than tax payers has to be one of the most ridiculous attempts at self-victimization I have ever heard.

        • A July 1, 2018 (4:07 pm)

          Try leaving your car in the same spot for three weeks and see if it’s not ticketed/towed. Try asking the city to buy you airline tickets to whatever city you are from. Try asking the city to build you a house that you can live in and shoot up heroin in.  If your car gets a ticket and the city laughs at you and says they won’t buy you a ticket or build you a house then will you realize that the city cares more about the homeless junkies than it does you?

        • A July 1, 2018 (4:15 pm)

          Btw ICE I’m not trying to act like a victim here. I live a good life and will continue to do so regardless of what the city council does. Thanks though for trying to portray me as someone who is trying to be a victim because I have a different point of view than you and because I disagree with the policies of our council. Really classy of you

          • CAM July 1, 2018 (9:07 pm)

            I really don’t understand what your goal is here by trying to take a post about the arrest of an alleged sex offender and making it about your feelings on campers and homelessness and the city budget. Maybe that’s why you’re getting people saying that you are making yourself out to be a victim? Because you’ve made something about someone else about yourself and your feelings instead?

  • Yep June 30, 2018 (6:12 pm)

    Is his court information and charging documents available online for public? Being part of that specific street, I would like to be able to view 

    • WSB June 30, 2018 (7:01 pm)

      We view documents via ECR Online. It’s publicly available as long as you pay per page (a fairly small charge but you have to buy in advance and you have to have an account to do that – it’s been years and thousands of dollars since we signed up for ours).

  • 2 Much Whine July 2, 2018 (7:49 am)

    In reading this thread I came to the realization that . . . . . Trump wins.  The administration promotes division between the people of this country as well as dehumanization of the outsiders.  It’s amazing how easy it is to vilify the homeless when they are not like us and they are perceived as being from somewhere else.  It is equally as amazing how this wedge has been driven between people that are able to work, shop, eat and pray together without a problem but when they sit anonymously behind their keyboards their fear of others spills out onto the internet for everyone to see.    Sales of MAGA hats must be on the rise in Seattle. . . . . . SAD!

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