YOU CAN HELP! Chief Sealth IHS Green Team’s garden request

The photo and request are from Chief Sealth International High School student Zhen Williams and schoolmates working on a garden project:

I am part of Green Team, a committed group of student representatives that come together to ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. Our student committee meets weekly and discusses environmental issues, spreads awareness, and works on environmental issues impacting the Puget Sound. Currently we are working on creating and maintaining a courtyard garden, located within Chief Sealth International High School (the school I attend), to promote the idea of community and increase the awareness and our impact on the environment as a school. It also provides an opportunity for students to understand concepts such as sustainability, how to improve our environment, and how students can make a direct change.

Currently, we have an irrigation system almost installed to keep the plants alive and healthy during the summer months. We still need plants for the garden, preferably flower and vegetable starts, native bushes, and potting soil and compost, to ensure that the plants are able to grow and be sustained over the summer when the students are out of school.

We hope that you will consider donating any plant starters or compost to help our courtyard garden. The Green Team relies heavily on the support and donations of our community members and believes in the power of local businesses.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about our club or our Courtyard Garden plans. I can be reached at Thank you for considering!

3 Replies to "YOU CAN HELP! Chief Sealth IHS Green Team's garden request"

  • Nw May 25, 2018 (8:01 pm)

    I will try and reach out to the email provided a great source of plants can be found with residential houses that will be demolished and lots rebuilt and landscaped. 

  • John Feeney May 26, 2018 (8:32 am)

    How much garden soil or compost do you need?  Not to be ungracious but you need to be careful about the soil and compost that you put into your garden.  You may be bringing in seeds, bugs and other things that you definitely do not want.  I will donate what you need for your garden up to 10 yards from Burien Bark and have it delivered.  This will be a gift from New Start Community Garden in Burien but not from their funds.  Our moto is to “share what we know and share what we grow”.   In this case we will share some “dirt”.  Let me know what will work for you.  John

    • Zhen Williams May 29, 2018 (9:51 pm)

      Hi John,Sorry for the slow reply. Thank you so much for reaching out! I and the Green Team really appreciate it! The soil/compost would be wonderful additions to our garden! I don’t think we would need all 10 yards of compost but 2 yards for our garden would be amazing! Thank you to you and New Start Community Garden in Burien for generously offering to donate so much compost!Best,Zhen WilliamsChief Sealth High SchoolCommunications & Outreach Green Team

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