ROAD-WORK ALERTS: Two closures ahead – 18th/Myrtle, 35th/104th

Two SDOT updates on local projects bring news of closures ahead:

18TH/MYRTLE: On Puget Ridge, the project near Sanislo Elementary continues, with an unanticipated closure in a week:

This week, our crews continued work at SW Orchard St, 18th Ave SW, and SW Myrtle St. We worked with Seattle Public Utilities to relocate a fire hydrant and worked with Seattle City Light to relocate light poles along SW Orchard St. We were also able to pour concrete to complete more sidewalks and curb corners. Our crews worked on adjusting driveway thresholds along SW Orchard St.

During our earlier excavation work, we discovered the roadbed under the intersection of SW Myrtle St and 18th Ave SW was in worse shape than we had expected. Because of this unforeseen circumstance, our crews will have to completely demolish and reconstruct the intersection. We are scheduled to do this work on Saturday, May 19 – this work will require full closure of the intersection of SW Myrtle St and 18th Ave SW. Our crews will begin work as early as 7:00 am as we hope to complete this work by Sunday morning to minimize impact to school related traffic. Detours will be in place during this work. The newly paved intersection will have a smaller traffic circle footprint to widen the street around it and allow for larger vehicles more space for turning movements.

Then later this month, the start date is set for the long-planned closure for drainage work related to the Arbor Heights sidewalk project:

35TH/104TH: SDOT also sent an update about the Arbor Heights sidewalk project:

We will be starting construction work on 35th Ave SW between SW 100th St and SW 106th St on the week of May 21. Our crews may begin moving construction equipment into the area and begin preparation work as early as late next week. We will begin full closure of 35th Ave SW between SW 104th St and SW 106th St on Tuesday, May 29. This closure will last through mid to late June for our crews to replace the stormwater drainage and detention system underground. Detours and reroutes for access to Arbor Heights Elementary and Westside School have identified. A map will be available and included in next week’s update.

2 Replies to "ROAD-WORK ALERTS: Two closures ahead - 18th/Myrtle, 35th/104th"

  • Spooled May 11, 2018 (9:36 pm)

    New pavement and drainage under it will be very welcome here.  Pothole Rangers have replaced nearly the entire surface here one patch at a time.

    Just skip the traffic circle, please!  It made some sense when the intersection was 5-way and uncontrolled.  Now it’s separated from Orchard into a 4-way with two stop signs.  The circle just gets in the way.  People with larger vehicles will still have to go the wrong way around it instead of making a normal left turn like any other intersection without a circle.

  • Andromeda May 12, 2018 (11:17 pm)

    Traffic circle is important traffic calming measure for the idiots who race down 18th. The whole point of this project is make it safer for the kids to get to school. 

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