AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: Sunny, spectacular West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018, report #1


9 AM: “South end is where it begins!” That’s what Young Chang proclaimed, sending us that early photo from Sale #229 at 9037 35th SW – and with that, the 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day is on! Haven’t seen the map yet? Find it here. And from the north, Andy sends this photo from the block sale at Palm and Massachusetts, Sale #178 – “Barbies for days!”

We’re off to visit some sales, but also appreciate your photos for our as-it-happens coverage – is the best address – more to come!

9:31 AM: Hotwire Coffee is a group site as always – 4410 California SW, Sale #62:

Just wander into the courtyard! Meantime, we’re now stopping at Lafayette Elementary‘s first-ever WSCGSD sale, 2645 California SW, right out front:

They’re Sale #148 on the map. Lemonade and cookies too! While you’re in the north, you can stop by the Urban Homestead Foundation‘s fundraiser sale, 50th & Dakota, the site they’re raising money to buy from the city:

The UHF is Sale #141. Meanwhile, almost anywhere you stop, you’ll find unique items:

Those signs are at Sale #224, 9256 30th SW.

10 AM: This is the westernmost sale, as far as we can tell – 6217 SW Admiral Way, folks who just moved to the area, Sale #120:

Their collection of scarves caught our eye. Now from the inbox (thanks for the pics at and to the south – Westside School (WSB sponsor) is hosting a big sale:

On your map, that’s Sale #330, 10404 34th SW. On to Seaview – from Sale #287:

5956 45th SW is where you’ll find Carol. We’re now headed to check out some east West Seattle stops.

10:20 AM: While headed east, we stopped at Sale #225, 4100 32nd SW, and found an outgrown drum set:

They also have a big selection of no-longer-needed sneaers! Meantime, we received this photo from a benefit sale on the north side of The Junction, tweeted by Mike:

From another benefit sale not too far away – treats!

That photo is from Sale #46, 4853 42nd Ave SW, where they are raising money for the VA Health Care System.

10:55 AM: Now we’re in Delridge. On the north end, the West Seattle Tool Library, which had some of its origins during a tool-collection drive on WSCGSD seven years ago:

The Tool Library is at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW, Sale #13. Further south, we turned into the Cottage Grove neighborhood, curiosity piqued by the listing for Sale #15 at 5643 25th SW:

“Hair salon” was part of the description, along with “vintage” and “punk rock.” Onward to the east High Point area, where the Sylvan Heights townhome neighborhood has a sale on the map:

Josh and Sarah are Sale #25 at 2701 SW Sylvan Heights Dr. (P.S. Their sale is bigger than it looks if you just pass by – they also have a garage full of stuff today!) WSCGSD is one-third over already but LOTS of shopping time left – remember some sales are staying open beyond the 3 pm official end time – check the map.

11:20 AM: On the south end, we visited Fresh Flours Bakery, a new participant and a benefit sale – they’re raising money for HONK! Fest West, which has chosen White Center as one of its venues this year:

Fresh Flours is Sale #5, 9410 Delridge Way SW. Before we get back to the south end, we’ve received a photo from another business participant, longtime WSB sponsor Click! Design That Fits in The Junction:

Click! is having a Garage Sale Day sale up in the loft. Sale #49 on your map, 4540 California SW. … Back to the south now. Another Garage Sale Day first – a “flea market” organized by the White Center Chamber of Commerce:

Sale #20, 9834 17th SW, is a big parking-lot sale commemorating the Chamber’s reboot.

11:50 AM: Back on the north side, Sale #110 at 1730 Sunset Ave SW reports, “Still have some kids’ furniture and toys!”

Sale #173 in the alley behind 3854 49th Ave SW has some two-wheeled merchandise:

Speaking of two-wheeled, a motorcycle is up for grabs at Sale #238, 8461 35th SW:

Two interested prospects so far, they tell us. Meantime, we’re launching a second report now that we’re in the second half of WSCGSD! (Here’s the link.)

5 Replies to "AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: Sunny, spectacular West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018, report #1"

  • David May 12, 2018 (9:13 am)

    Joining in at the last minute with garage sale stuff. Come check us out at 3018 62nd SW

  • waikikigirl May 12, 2018 (10:44 am)

    Could you ask for a more perfect day!?

    • Sam-c May 12, 2018 (1:25 pm)

      And even most (99%) of the G sale drivers we encountered were really safe and courteous. 

  • WSgirl May 12, 2018 (8:55 pm)

    This community-wide garage sale is such a great thing – thank you!

    I’ve attended each year. I do hope, however, that you’ll consider spreading out the fun. There’s just no way you can participate in even a quarter of the great activity. And, it does mean fewer garage sales throughout the summer for those of us who really love the thrill-of-the-hunt on the weekends.

    Have you considered doing two sales – one at the beginning of the season, one at the end? Seems like you may even be able to get more participant revenue. Food for thought – 

    Thanks again!

  • Chris May 13, 2018 (4:42 pm)

    We want to thank the various ones that really made this garage sale day so very special.   It was not so much the sale itself, it was the people with kind words, smiles that came.   One young girl has so touched our hearts as she returned with a thank you card for us for what was done.   She knows who she is, and we thank her for making this garage sale especially special.   This is really what it is all about.   Many thanks!

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