GONE FISHING: First day to seek shrimp in Elliott Bay

10:16 AM: Thanks to Jim Borrow for the photos! Along with everything else happening today, it’s the first day of shrimp fishing in Elliott Bay – until 1 pm or until the limit is caught, as explained in the state Department of Fish and Wildlife announcement.

Jim explains that photo”was taken toward Bainbridge Island; you can see a few boats off Alki in the foreground with the buoys for the shrimp pots near the boats. In the background you can see all the small boats in the area around Blakely Rocks near Bainbridge.” And keep in mind that with the 1 pm closing (west of Alki Point, it’s even earlier – 11 am), it will be very busy around Don Armeni Boat Ramp early this afternoon. The state hasn’t yet announced the next date(s).

ADDED SATURDAY EVENING: Above and below, two photos from our pass through Don Armeni as many boaters were leaving just before 1 pm.

6 Replies to "GONE FISHING: First day to seek shrimp in Elliott Bay"

  • just wondering May 5, 2018 (1:28 pm)

    I wondered why all those boats were out there! 


  • KD May 5, 2018 (3:33 pm)

    What kind of shrimp does ourPuget Sound have to offer? (I’m assuming it’s not the big fat kind we like to eat at restaurants or the tiny Alaskan bay shrimp that goes into salads.) What kind of shrimp is out here and what is the proper name of it? (Thanks to whomever knows)

    • WSB May 5, 2018 (3:36 pm)

      It’s in the link. Several kinds but the main one that people fish for is spot shrimp.

    • Rico Maloney May 5, 2018 (6:44 pm)

      Several varieties, but the “best” are the spot shrimp pulled from the north Sound, Hood Canal, and the San Juans.  If you haven’t had them, go to Mutual Fish or another top flight seafood store and try them.  Chewy, sweet, and good sized.

  • waikikigirl May 5, 2018 (4:30 pm)

    How to Clean Spot Prawns - a step-by-step

    Here’s a pic…hope it’s not to large, back in the day we’d cook them right in the same water you caught them in same with Dungeness crab.

    • Rico Maloney May 5, 2018 (6:46 pm)

      An absolutely HUGE spot shrimp, which is my very favorite oxymoron.

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