BIZNOTE: Don’t panic if you see the cow come down during Best of Hands Barrelhouse work

(WSB photo)

It’s been somewhat slow going for the Best of Hands Barrelhouse crew as they continue remodeling the former deli space at 35th and Webster. After a few recent reader questions, we checked back in with Nick Marianetti, who replied with this update:

Things are moving along quickly now that SCL and PSE have us on their schedules and are installing the power upgrades we require to operate a brewing facility and taproom. Build out on the inside has been moving along steadily, and our neighbors will begin to see changes to the outside of the building as well. … We’ll be pulling off old siding and replacing it; re-roofing the taproom side (old market side); installing new HVAC systems; painting the whole building, and adding a patio on the south wall of the taproom! We will also be giving the iconic cow a new paint job, so if we’re required to take her off the roof to do so, fear not, she will return to her perch atop the building!

Opening dates are still a moving target at this time. Once the power installs are completed we can install our brewing system, and then we will have a better idea of how quickly we can be up and brewing.

For more backstory, check out our first report on the Best of Hands plan in February 2017.

13 Replies to "BIZNOTE: Don't panic if you see the cow come down during Best of Hands Barrelhouse work"

  • Alki resident May 14, 2018 (11:45 am)

    Thank you for the kind warning. Not everyone understands how meaningful the cow is to us long time residents. Can’t wait for the opening and thank you for listening to your future customers by keeping the cow❤️.

  • EMO May 14, 2018 (12:05 pm)

    Yay!  Can’t wait!  Thanks for the update Nick.

  • Born and raised in West Seattle May 14, 2018 (1:51 pm)

    I just said to my husband as we passed the other day, “let’s buy that cow if they are getting rid of it!” Glad to know he will be staying where he belongs!

  • HowNowBrownCow May 14, 2018 (2:12 pm)

    I heard the cow will only be reMOOved if udderly necessary.

  • Angelina May 14, 2018 (2:47 pm)

    He’s actually a bull….

    • Rico Maloney May 14, 2018 (3:13 pm)

      Maybe it’s a polled Hereford steer.

      • Nick May 15, 2018 (12:37 pm)

        We did our research, we’re 90% sure it’s a Polled Hereford.


  • West Sea Neighbor May 14, 2018 (3:50 pm)

    The cow has even been incorporated into a logo on their t-shirts!!

  • Bonnie May 14, 2018 (4:42 pm)

    I use that cow for giving directions!

    • HowNowBrownCow May 14, 2018 (9:44 pm)

      Does it give good directions? 

      • Peter May 15, 2018 (2:07 am)

        The best!

  • Jort May 14, 2018 (5:10 pm)

    Words can not express how excited the Sandwich family is for the opening of this barrelhouse and for consumption of delicious beers within.

  • Rick May 15, 2018 (1:58 am)

    I remember the original Bee’s Meat Market and cold storage. Then the successive deli’s.  And when my alma matter stole the cow as a prank. (bad boys!).  But I don’t remember getting old.

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