Use E.C. Hughes Playground? Here’s what you need to know about upcoming renovations

(WSB photo, taken this morning)

Thanks to Kenneth for the tip that the sign’s up at EC Hughes Playground (2805 SW Holden), where play-area renovations are starting soon. We first reported last fall that Seattle Parks decided the play equipment needed to be replaced, after inspections done following the discovery of wood damage in a similar structure at Lincoln Park South Play Area.

The sign does not mean work at EC Hughes is starting soon, though. We checked in with Parks’ project point person Libby Hughes, who tells WSB that two public-outreach meetings are planned, in April and June (dates/times/locations soon), and construction is expected to start this fall, “after school starts.” The goal of the project, she says, is “to renovate the play equipment with structures that meet current safety standards and are accessible to children of all abilities, ages 2-5 and 5-12 years, and to make some ADA improvements for access to the play area.” The EC Hughes wading pool is not involved in the project. Hughes adds that she’s also working on yet another play-area renovation in West Seattle, “similar scope and timeline” – Puget Ridge Playground (6029 21st SW). More details on that one soon.

2 Replies to "Use E.C. Hughes Playground? Here's what you need to know about upcoming renovations"

  • Forest March 26, 2018 (3:23 pm)

    I’m off topic here, but I wish the Parks Department would remove the “Park Closed”  display line from the bottom of its rainbow entrance signs. Why mislead and dampen the interest of public park users or visitors (especially passersby) with a sign that highlights closed hours instead of open hours? Why not replace the “Closed” display line with a line that  reads “Park Hours,” followed by those hours or other pertinent  information about park access?

  • shipwrecked_and_comatose March 27, 2018 (8:19 am)

    I wonder if Ms. Hughes’ name is a coincidence, or if she’s related to the park’s namesake. I love it when people’s names are coincidentally highly appropriate and/or funny. Like the dentist in the U-district named Dr. Savage (Savage Dentistry) or Officer Bacon, or nurse Killem at Harborview. Also at Harborview:  Dr. Hottie, who is, well, a rather attractive young lady.

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