WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen double stroller

7:41 PM: If you find an abandoned City Mini Double stroller somewhere … it just might be the one those little West Seattleites were photographed in. Claire says it was taken from the trunk of their locked car. (We have asked a followup question about where it happened, and will add that info when we get it.)

ADDED EARLY FRIDAY: Claire says they’re in the Fairmount Park area.

11 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen double stroller"

  • West4Life February 15, 2018 (8:49 pm)

    You’ve got to be a royal POS to steal a stroller. Like, really? Can we please round up all of these transient vandals and lock them away, please?

    • John February 15, 2018 (9:53 pm)

      Just because your a transient doesn’t mean your a criminal. And vandalism was never mentioned it was a theft. Your whole comment sounds moronic 

  • dsa February 15, 2018 (10:51 pm)

    Homeless use strollers to push and carry stuff instead of the old standby grocery carts.

  • WSobserver February 16, 2018 (12:29 am)

    Ohmygod, those little critters are so cute! Great photo.

  • Jeannie February 16, 2018 (12:48 am)

    I’m angry about some POS stealing the stroller. But, on the bright side, I see two adorable babies!

  • MWalker February 16, 2018 (7:45 am)

    So sorry that the stroller was stolen and out of a locked car too! Really? But the bright side is you have two adorable bundles of joy.

  • SG February 16, 2018 (8:24 am)

    oh John…you are so cute. Keep on living in the sand, it’s much safer down there. Signed – Another West Seattle Moron

    • John February 17, 2018 (12:27 am)

      I feel plenty safe up here. I don’t live my life passing judgment on others. They stole a stroller. They deserve to go to jail for that. They will go to jail eventually because they’ll do it again and again til they get caught. But that’s them…people die every day based on your prejudice way of thinking. Trayvon Martin ring a bell??? Zimmerman used that way of thinking to justify shooting a 17 year old honor student because he was black and to him, looked out place. You do not hold the next man responsible for the unrelated actions of the man before him. Don’t even try to justify your thinking cause you sound stupid doing it

  • Mark B February 16, 2018 (2:28 pm)

    Those things are like $400 plus.  I’ll start up a fund to buy a new one (I have almost as cute 14YO twin boys).  WSB send please respond (email) I’ll set up a go fund me and put in a good donation

  • Questioner February 16, 2018 (3:46 pm)

    I’ve seen more than 1 homeless type using baby strollers to carry their “stuff”  So John, you believe that they buy these with their own money??

    • John February 17, 2018 (12:09 am)

      I see a lot of yuppies like you making judgements based on stereotypes and it makes me sick. You have no right to assume anything about someone’s character when that assumption is based on, at best an educated guess. Poor or homeless people can’t push around strollers with their possessions in it? I can count a thousand different ways they could get it other than stealing. Your way of thinking is what’s wrong with society today. You sound like trump describing all illegal immigrants as rapists and murderers. Sure some are but that doesn’t mean you lable all of  them that. Go back to whatever state you were born in and keep that “ Make America Great” BS to yourself 

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