TRAFFIC/TRANSIT REMINDER: Fauntleroy/Wildwood closure set to start Monday

Another reminder that tomorrow is the scheduled start of the SDOT project that will close the intersection of Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Wildwood [map], just south of the ferry terminal, for up to two weeks, for replacement of concrete road panels and construction of a curb ramp. That means a traffic detour, bus reroutes, and parking restrictions nearby, including along the temporary bus route, which includes SW Trenton.

-The original SDOT announcement with detour info is here
-The detailed Metro reroute announcement for RapidRide C Line and Route 116 is here

SDOT says the closure starts at 7 am Monday; Metro says the reroutes begin at the “start of service” for the affected routes. We will be checking the area for our regular weekday traffic/transit coverage. You can check traffic cameras in the vicinity via this page on the Washington State Ferries website.

4 Replies to "TRAFFIC/TRANSIT REMINDER: Fauntleroy/Wildwood closure set to start Monday"

  • Traffic cluster February 5, 2018 (6:56 am)

    Two weeks is way too long to rehab one intersection and ONE curb ramp

    There are ways to rebuild this in one weekend 

  • Junebug February 9, 2018 (12:17 pm)

    This is a DANGEROUS scene at 6:50 in the morning.

    It’s dark, the buses are going up narrow side streets (no street lights), people are trying to pass in the right-hand ferry line to make a ferry, a hundred cars are trying to drop children off to walk on the ferry for school on Vashon, and the kids are walking in the ferry lanes and crossing the street.  

    Plus the arriving ferry is unloading cars – a few which have not turned on their car lights yet after exiting ferry, so are very hard to see  

    And cars who are trying to avoid the ferry traffic and closure area are trying to turn left on narrow Trenton Street, backing up all the traffic and buses behind them.

    Oh, and 2 so-called traffic directors just milling around not paying any attention this morning. 

    This  construction update should have been planned for the upcoming winter break from school or during a less busy time.

    It’s very dangerous for the kids and the drivers. They need to manage the situation in the morning and the afternoon before a kid or more gets hit by cars. 

  • Junebug February 9, 2018 (5:37 pm)

    I hear  they finished the project and reopened it tonight, yay! 

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