UPDATE: Crash at 35th and Fauntleroy

2:14 PM: Thanks to everybody who’s just sent word (including the photo above) of a crash blocking 35th and Fauntleroy. No word of serious injuries so far but avoid the area for a while.

2:54 PM: SDOT just tweeted that the intersection is now clear.

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  • Cynical girl February 10, 2018 (3:10 pm)

    It’s a shame so many cars on the road don’t come equipped with turn signals. I guess it’s an optional feature now. 

    • T February 10, 2018 (3:57 pm)


    • Seattlite February 10, 2018 (4:39 pm)

      Cynical Girl === Indeed…Not using turn signals is an open invitation to an accident.  I don’t have the ability to read minds but I can see and understand directional turn signals.

  • T February 10, 2018 (3:22 pm)

    Anyone notice the no left turn sign was down yesterday from northbound 35th to Fauntleroy? Still down today? I filed a find it fix it report yesterday.

  • T February 10, 2018 (3:30 pm)

    A couple of days ago I saw a car turn left out of the south exit of the little strip mall there and head east in the wrong lane to get to the WS Bridge entrance. 

  • smittytheclown February 10, 2018 (4:04 pm)

    Cant quite figure this one out based on the positioning. Hope someone saw it and posts.  Typically people heading north on 35th run that light crossing Fauntleroy – I wonder if that was it?  

    But, as mentioned previously, it was probably a turn signal issue.  Amazing how many selfish (lazy?) drivers don’t signal, or signal halfway through their turns!

    • WSB February 10, 2018 (4:14 pm)

      My standard disclaimer. NO IDEA what happened here. Could be anything. We published this for the traffic alert at the time (heard from three tipsters, a lot for a Saturday afternoon), not the magnitude of the crash or injuries.

    • Canton February 10, 2018 (6:34 pm)

      Not knowing the cause here, but it would be rather considerate, if vehicles would take the couple seconds to notify all directions of traffic what their travel intentions are. Guess with one hand on wheel and the other tapping away on dash mounted phones, it would be an unbearable temporary inconvenience. 

  • sc February 10, 2018 (6:41 pm)

    Not pertaining to this but while driving to my mom’s in Greenwood I saw cars running red lights at 2 intersections.   I guess they think their invincible!

    Funny line about turn indicators being optional equipment!

  • T February 10, 2018 (8:28 pm)

    I wish signaling was the only thing I noticed/thought was an issue. I seem to notice it all. People driving at night without headlights, running stale red lights, stop signs, barreling through uncontrolled intersections, speeding, cutting off other drivers, not stopping for pedestrians, turning left where prohibited, turning right on red when signs say not to, etc, etc. I like to do something about it like report the missing no left turn sign. But I haven’t had any luck reporting problems to SPD at intersections where people on all modes of transportation routinely break the law.

    • Brian February 12, 2018 (8:30 am)

      Have you considered minding your own business and not worrying about it?

  • North Admiral Guuy February 10, 2018 (9:21 pm)

    I know exactly what happened to cause this accident. The part or people I am affiliated with is my business. However, the blue car is pretty much at fault as they were turning left towards Fauntleroy Way/West Seattle Bridge on a yellow while NOT yielding to the black VW going North on 35th. No cars going on a red, as thought previously.

  • shipwrecked_and_comatose February 11, 2018 (9:49 am)

    The north-south portion of this intersection is incredibly poorly designed, and it just begs for accidents like this.  The problem is that it often short-cycles and the southbound drivers don’t get their left turn arrow (jump light.) They’re left with their a.. hanging in the breeze and forced to run the red, and as in this case as reported by NAG, if someone is racing north to clear it on yellow, well then <smash!>.  I got hit on my motorcycle by someone who got stuck out there and decided to back-up rather than run the red, and they backed-up right into my bike (I was behind them, and we were of course both waiting for our green arrow, which didn’t happen.) I can solve this once and for all, if SDOT will listen:  ALWAYS give the south-bounders a green arrow, every turn of the light! The stupid sensor under the road never picks up motorcycles, and cars have to be positioned on it in the exact right spot to trigger the green arrow. I’m pretty sure almost everyone who lives in WS has experienced this horrible design flaw at least once; I face it every freaking morning. Get on it SDOT!

    • Robert February 11, 2018 (10:44 am)

      Oh man, I’m in the same situation as you… going through that intersection every morning on a motorcycle, and the green arrow never triggers. 

    • T February 11, 2018 (2:13 pm)

      Totally agree about the left turn arrow. The arrow was added maybe 10 years ago. Turning left to the bridge was even worse before that but there is still room for improvement. I think I have requested SDOT  look at this light in the past. I will resubmit.

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