SCHOOL-BUS STRIKE UPDATE: Day 7 for First Student drivers’ walkout; talks continuing, union says

(Thursday morning photo sent by striking driver Al – he reports this family came to the picket line to show support)

12:38 AM: While school-bus company First Student and drivers union Teamsters Local 174 were reported to be meeting Thursday, there’s no word of a resolution to the drivers’ strike yet, so today – Friday (February 9th) – will be Day 7. No one who’s on the front lines of the strike, including Seattle Public Schools – which contracts with First Student for yellow-bus service – issued an official statement on Thursday. Of note, after today, there are five more school days before the district’s weeklong mid-winter break starts on February 19th.

12:37 PM: The union posted an update this morning saying the two sides talked late into the night Thursday and were expected back at the table today.

11 Replies to "SCHOOL-BUS STRIKE UPDATE: Day 7 for First Student drivers' walkout; talks continuing, union says"

  • andy February 9, 2018 (6:22 am)

    Four bus drivers showed up in Ballard for the rally supported by the SEA and surrounding districts. 

  • Old Native February 9, 2018 (9:02 am)

    Next week we look forward to a flood of drivers crossing the line and soon this debacle should be over. Offer is fair and reasonable at the expense of parents and children.

    • Jon Wright February 9, 2018 (2:42 pm)

      Every affected parent I know supports the drivers.

      • WSB February 9, 2018 (2:47 pm)

        Just in – a tentative agreement. Separate story coming up.

  • Jort February 9, 2018 (9:49 am)

    Have the strikers indicated anything they could use down at the picket line in terms of supplies? Food? Drinks? 

    • Ldog February 9, 2018 (6:51 pm)

      I wish this thread had a “like” button! How thoughtful of you!

  • Ldog February 9, 2018 (1:50 pm)

    Being a parent to one of the First Student Mechanics (who chose not to cross the picket line) I can assure all of you that feel displeased and put-upon by this strike that is is well worth the drivers’ efforts to try for better benefits. YOU would not settle for what they (and my son)  have in terms of benefits. It’s atrocious!

  • Realist February 9, 2018 (2:58 pm)

    old native. Seattle,and other districts are alway’s advertising for drivers. Why is that? If you think things are so good for them  that they shouldn’t be strikeing  tell us why YOU aren’t driving a school bus. Why are they alway’s looking to hire??.

    • Ldog February 9, 2018 (6:53 pm)

      Exactly! I wish WS Blog had a “Like” button!

    • Mike February 9, 2018 (8:29 pm)

      Amazon is hiring more people this year than the bus company has employed in total.  Amazon pays very well,  so your point is …. pointless.

      • Ldog February 9, 2018 (9:28 pm)

        Do you work for Amazon? Do you know anything about their benefit s?  Do you know if it’s on a commission pay basis? If you have actual useful information for these suffering bus drivers maybe you’d like to share?

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