WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Parking-lot car prowl, with one stolen item to watch for

ORIGINAL TUESDAY NIGHT REPORT: Around 7:30 tonight, Jeff reports, his wife’s car was broken into in the front parking lot at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) in Morgan Junction. There’s one thing he’s hoping will be found:

Her black work work bag was stolen. Most important to her is her notebook and thumb drive containing many many references and resources. Also in the bag was a black iPhone. I’m hoping that the bag gets ditched somewhere close to the scene. … The stolen bag was a black Kipplinger messenger-style bag. In the bag was some medications (Rx & OTC), black iPhone (6s), work keys and badge, a notebook, and a thumbdrive (Lexar, green/blue).

No police report # yet; if you think you have found the bag, let us know.

ADDED WEDNESDAY MORNING: The SPD incident # is 18-10904. Also, as Jeff posted in comments, they’ve found the stolen phone – still looking for the bag.

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  • Chuck January 10, 2018 (12:51 am)

    So sorry for your troubles. It would be helpful if you could define the term, “broken into.” Does this mean a smashed window, broken lock,  a slim jim used on a lock, cracked window pushed down, other? In part I am just very curious, but also I want to know how determined this thief was. I shop there all the time, and make it a habit even in this well-lit and usually busy lot to take my briefcase/laptop with me inside. I’ve certainly lapsed on that if parked right in front of the windows. Anyway, just curious if we have people so bold as to be smashing windows in one of the busiest open-air lots around. I’d like to catch the person in the act of doing that. I really would. Again, sorry for your hassles.

    • WSB January 10, 2018 (1:00 am)

      However they did it, it’s still a crime. Car prowls unfortunately routinely happen at all hours of the day/night in busy lots – parks, shopping centers – and police say perpetrators can be expert at even breaking a window in a way that is not necessarily obvious to other people around – smash, grab, run can be done in an instant.

    • Christine January 11, 2018 (9:13 pm)

      I was parked right out in front of the store about 7PM and was in there less than 15 minutes.  The person who I believe committed the break in (smashed the passenger front window) looks to have followed me into the store (per video reviewed by employees) and went back out to my car after I grabbed a basket.  He appeared to be parked in the lot waiting for the opportunity.   I am usually very diligent about leaving items in my car but I knew I was just grabbing a couple things and would be quick in/out.  He was clearly experienced.  Threw my iphone out the window a couple blocks away so he could not be tracked.   Young guy, less than 30, white, receding/shaved head driving a grey/silver late model SUV, 4Runner maybe.

  • Jeff B. January 10, 2018 (9:01 am)

    This is Jeff.  My wife’s phone was found near Gatewood Elementary School.   She decided to try calling it this morning and someone answered.  Thanks for any details on finding the thumb drive which contains years of work resources and references.

  • Jeff B. January 11, 2018 (12:49 pm)

    He smashed the passenger side window.  She was parked in the circled location below (middle row north side of lot).

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