WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Home-invasion robbery on Puget Ridge

(WSB photo)

ORIGINAL 12:47 PM REPORT: Police are in the 5200 block of 18th SW on Puget Ridge (south of Dawson), after a report of a home-invasion robbery. It’s still early in the investigation, but so far, they have been told that four armed men, described only as black, wearing black hoodies, and black masks, broke into the house. At least one person was home, a man who suffered a facial injury. The robbers are believed to have gotten away in a vehicle, though SPD tells us there are conflicting descriptions. We also don’t know yet what if anything they took. Robbery detectives are on their way to the scene; we’ll check back later for an update.

FRIDAY MORNING NOTE: The report was not available yesterday but we’re renewing our request this morning. The final classification of the call, meantime, was “strong-arm robbery.”

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  • MJM96 January 4, 2018 (2:18 pm)

    I know it’s early in the investigation but HOLY BATMAN  Armed Home Invasion.

  • Seattlite January 4, 2018 (2:38 pm)

    It will be interesting to hear how the criminals broke into the home since the front of the house is unencumbered rendering a clear view from the street. I live in the Seaview area. My attached garage faces the street. After I opened the garage door this morning, from the inside of my house, I gathered my coat, gloves and car keys to go out the front door.  I glanced out my living window and saw an old beater car with a person staring into my garage.  That person saw me and took off fast.  I’m telling you all this because it seems you cannot leave anything unattended at your home which might be fair game to criminals.

    • WSB January 4, 2018 (3:37 pm)

      As promised, I have a request out for any further details that have become available, and will add whenever we get that info.

  • c January 4, 2018 (4:11 pm)

    4 armed robbers blocks from SSCC, Pathfinder K-8 and Sansilo and no shelter in place or lock down.

    Must be more to the story.

    • WSB January 4, 2018 (4:21 pm)

      Maybe or maybe not. For one, the schools are all closer to a mile away. For two, the robbers are reported to have left in a vehicle – so there was no major searching to be done – lockdowns often happen when somebody is believed to be out on foot. I still don’t have anything new from SPD media relations, which is in turn waiting for more info from the robbery detectives. – TR

  • H January 4, 2018 (9:19 pm)

    Weren’t there 2 recent robberies (past few months) by 4 young men? If I remember correctly one was right off of Cal Ave and involved stealing a phone directly from a woman’s hands (I remember that they were chase by bystanders)? 

    • WSB January 4, 2018 (9:49 pm)

      Three robbers, all teenage boys. I don’t know the status of the two younger suspects in that case but the 18-year-old has been out of custody since the day after the late November arrest. Hoping there will be more descriptive information in the report on today’s incident but it was not available before the media office closed for the day. – TR

      • H January 5, 2018 (11:15 am)

        Thank you Tracy.

  • they January 5, 2018 (9:32 am)

    Home invasion is up there at the top of crimes against humanity. Consequences need to be significant and well publicized. Additionally there is only one gun law I would like to see enacted, a law the states all guns sold in America must have a warning sticker. Use this gun in a crime and loose your freedom for life…..    

  • Rachel G January 5, 2018 (11:46 am)

    Does a strong-arm robbery mean it was not an armed robbery? (i.e. no guns or weapons involved)?  Not that this makes it better just asking for a point of information.

    • WSB January 5, 2018 (12:46 pm)

      Generally, that’s what it means. But we have published the new information separately and police say the victim(s) told them at least two had guns. So it was an armed robbery.

  • ChickenLittler January 5, 2018 (6:22 pm)

    Time to start carrying my .40 cal pistol in the house.

    Potential violent intruders should bring their own body bags …

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