Possible gunfire heard in Highland Park, South Delridge

We’ve heard from residents of Highland Park and South Delridge about possible gunfire heard around 12:30 am. 911 calls were made. This time, so far, no word of any shooting victims, and we haven’t heard whether any casings or damage turned up either.

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  • AMD January 7, 2018 (1:42 am)

    I was one of those who called in.  About a dozen pops this time.  I assume at the usual spot (17th and Barton-ish) since it came from that direction.  

    It really does seem like just a handful of people creating an awful lot of problems.  The activity definitely seems concentrated around a couple very small areas.

  • Alki Resident January 7, 2018 (2:46 am)

    There’s a white car with the back window busted on California Ave and Rose/ Thistle. Cops were there when I drove by at 2am and not sure if the guys had been pulled over or owned the car. Everyone was gone once I came back but car is there.

  • miws January 7, 2018 (5:09 am)

    It woke me up, but by that time I only heard two sharp pops. Sounded very, very close, and I’m in that 17th & Barton area.


  • John January 7, 2018 (9:12 am)

    I heard them too, it was about a dozen shots  in two bursts,  one long, and one short. Sounded like a semi auto rifle to me.  I found it hard to believe that this was not followed up by sirens in the hood. 

    • Jahap60 January 8, 2018 (12:46 pm)

      We heard them too and NO sirens!!  Getting tired of being woke up by gun fire and no police presence.  

      • WSB January 8, 2018 (1:05 pm)

        Especially late at night, police often do not respond with sirens – which are meant to clear the road, not usually necessary at that hour – so not hearing sirens does not at all mean police didn’t respond.

        • Jahap60 January 8, 2018 (2:16 pm)

          That makes sense.  Thank you!

  • Bob January 7, 2018 (12:18 pm)

    I also live on 17th and Barton. Is there anything we can do to get a higher police presence in the area to patrol and monitor the area? I feel like a police presence could deter the activity and get them to move.

    • WSB January 7, 2018 (1:08 pm)

      Show up at the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, for one. Tuesday, January 16th, 7 pm, precinct. Always a chance to bring up neighborhood concerns directly with precinct leadership and generally an opportunity that’s dramatically underutilized as such.

  • Nick Hetrick January 7, 2018 (12:54 pm)

    Definitely heard this last night as well was really surprised there were no police sirens sounded like multiple weapon types. 

  • d January 7, 2018 (1:27 pm)

    Yes, a great couple of nights in the hood. Be safe. 

  • Darryll January 8, 2018 (12:20 am)

    South Delridge and Highland Park neighbors, please join us for our next the neighborhood cleanup to be part of a visible and positive presence in the area.  The cleanup is next Saturday at 10AM starting at Henderson and Delridge, heading toward 16th.   It’s a good way to show that this neighborhood has a strong and involved community.

  • NotInHolden January 8, 2018 (7:59 am)

    Definitely heard this and sounded like it was right down the street from me in the direction of 17th and Barton.  And the. I heard what sounded like a speeding car but it was such a time delay that I didn’t know if they were related.

  • Jahap60 January 8, 2018 (12:48 pm)

    I have a question – we are semi new to the area.  When you hear gun shots (and we know the difference between gun and fireworks) but are not sure of the exact location – do you call the police and give them your address or what?

    • AMD January 8, 2018 (10:50 pm)

      Call the police.  They’ll ask for your exact location.  They’ll ask for other details like if you saw anyone, speeding cars, etc.  You can tell them (as I did) “it sounds like it’s actually a few blocks away to the west” (or whatever details might be from where you are).  My understanding is they aggregate the various calls to better guess where the shots came from.

      But the call-taker will ask you questions to solicit the information they need.

  • Jojo January 10, 2018 (7:27 pm)

    I called this in too, I am on 16th and Barton and I heard two rapid fire rounds. My husband saw the cops come a couple minutes after I called, they did not use sirens and had their searchlights on. There is just too much unchecked gun violence on this block.

    Sadly,New Years Eve marked several years since the passing of a man on 16th and Barton by a gun shot wound while at a party. His family and friends leave a beautiful memorial there for him. I really hope the city will make changes to help prevent future deaths and violence by guns in this neighborhood for everyone’s sake. 

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