CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Recognize the suspected getaway car in Puget Ridge home invasion?

New information today about Thursday’s home-invasion robbery on Puget Ridge. An area resident has provided Seattle Police with images of what police say might be the getaway vehicle – likely a silver 4-door 1999 Buick, with one particularly distinctive feature: Lug-nut covers missing on both passenger-side wheels.

Otherwise, police say there’s not too much more than what we originally reported – it happened just before noon in the 5200 block of 18th SW, and they don’t know why this particular house was targeted. Four people forced their way into the house; at least two had handguns. They are described only as black, male, with dark hoodies covering most of their faces. They demanded cash, and were told the people in the house had none. One resident was “pistol-whipped outside the house” before the robbers broke in; they took “nothing of value,” SPD Det. Mark Jamieson told WSB this morning, and let barely two minutes after they arrived. Robbery detective St. John is investigating – call 206-386-4050; the incident number is 2018-004202.

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  • Alki Resident January 5, 2018 (1:05 pm)

    What’s disturbing in this situation is if someone did give these guys false info pertaining to money being in the house, then this could happen to any of us. Wish there was more to go on. 

    • Jon January 5, 2018 (4:15 pm)

      It’s not just that someone might’ve tipped them off to a wrong house; people case houses and neighborhoods all the time. Moving trucks, deliveries — all of that is makes you a potential target. The sad reality is: there are plenty of bad people in the world and you just have to try your best to avoid them while being prepared if you ever have the misfortune of crossing their path or being victimized by them. Have a strategy for different scenarios and go through the motions in practice.

      As someone who has experienced multiple break-in attempts (and worse things), I can assure you: it absolutely can happen to anyone and at any time (and in any neighborhood). I can also tell you that the first time, waking up the sound of my deadbolt cracking the door frame from a kick-in, I only had a kitchen knife (horrible idea) and my strength to hold a damaged door shut. Police response time was also 35+ minutes and no neighbors came to my aid or called 911 while I shouted for help in an apartment complex at about 1AM.

      My decision from that day forward was to be proactive about security and personal defense. I’m not sure why, but for many people, it takes a personal wake-up call to change their mind on these sorts of things. Looking back, I wish I had received more advice and training on the matter when I was younger. But it’s a relatively free country, so — prepare to your comfort levels. I have no horse in anybody’s race; I siply like to help people out if they’re looking for it.

      Stay safe.

      • Swede. January 5, 2018 (5:15 pm)

        Well put Jon. 

        Glad you got out of those situations alive and in one peice. 

  • Concerned Neighbor January 5, 2018 (6:15 pm)

    I live in the neighborhood and believe I have seen this car before sitting around, idling or sometimes parked, usually with more than one person in the car (but it is usually dark outside  and the windows are tinted, so it is difficult to tell). I havent noticed them in about a month, but have seen this behavior periodically throughout the summer (moved to Puget Ridge May 2017). I recall noticing  how similar their vehicle is to mine (98 tan buick century) and worrying they might be interested in my hub caps, cause  I noticed at least one of theirs was missing. I never reported the suspicious activity because I never saw anyone step out of the car and it was always too dark to see any plates and no actual disturbance  was happening. My house overlooks  17th and Brandon. I will  be sure to call non emergency numbers if I see the vehicle again.

  • buglarbustindad January 5, 2018 (6:47 pm)

    Thank you Jon….word

  • Seattlite January 5, 2018 (7:32 pm)

    The original post showed that the house had an unencumbered view from the street.  Did these criminals just walk up the house’s front walkway and break-in through the front door in broad daylight?  If so, these are very dangerous criminals who have guns! 

    • WSB January 5, 2018 (10:00 pm)

      The police update today said that a resident was pistol-whipped outside before they forced their way in. I don’t have specifics on what happened when, beyond that – TR

  • Snoco January 6, 2018 (11:11 pm)

    I may have seen this vehicle off picklefarm road & hwy2 in gold bar around 2pm today.

  • drahcir January 9, 2018 (5:01 pm)

    I strongly urge homeowners or those renting a house to consider wireless security cameras.  They’re not that expensive anymore  & some include free video (cloud) storage for a week or 10 days, using rechargeable batteries helps keep the cost down.  No monthly charges either.

    I have 5 Arlo Netgear cameras on my property (I have a large, secluded lot in WS).  I also added a bunch of Lutron light fixture devices inside my house which tie into the Arlo cameras.

    To give you an example, if someone walks 10 feet up my driveway I get a notice on my cellphone, the person or vehicle is videotaped & the lights to several rooms in the house come on automatically giving the appearance that someone is actually home.  I can also turn the Sonos music system on via my cellphone to BLAST music that you can hear outside.

    No guarantees but it’s a relatively inexpensive deterrent not to mention added peace of mind.

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