WEST SEATTLE DEVELOPMENT: End near for longtime nuisance house at 3804 23rd SW

The Delridge development boom is apparently about to claim what might be our area’s most-infamous vacant house, the one at the far northeastern edge of Delridge Way itself, next to the bridge onramp, though its official address is 3804 23rd SW. After a tipster sent a photo of heavy equipment at the site, we went over for a look, and took the photo you see above. No one in view to ask, but county assessor records show it was sold again last spring (we had previously reported a tax-auction sale in 2015), and city records show that a site plan was filed in late summer for eight townhouse/rowhouses on the sloping site, 7,700 square feet, zoned Lowrise 1. The house has been the site of numerous complaints over the years, both formal and informal; it was spotlighted almost eight years ago in a “problem properties” tour organized by community leaders and attended by city councilmembers and department heads, described as a magnet for squatters. It’s also been mentioned over the years as councilmembers attempted to tweak the rules governing when owners can tear down derelict housing without having a redevelopment plan.

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  • Also John December 5, 2017 (12:44 pm)

    I hope construction doesn’t block the bike.

  • chemist December 5, 2017 (2:02 pm)

    I’m still amazed that the 5245 California Ave SW site South of Ephesus (that was Rick’s barbershop) is still at the “foundation” stage, only 5 years after Rick’s lease was terminated.  Then again, maybe the HALA rezone from 30 to 40 ft has contributed to that.

    • Rick December 5, 2017 (5:20 pm)

      Last I’ve heard is that project is tied up in lawsuits and one of the parties is now out of the country. Which involves even more delay.

  • Sevenless December 5, 2017 (2:18 pm)

    I hope Sound Transit is keeping an eye on this. Their very preliminary planning sketches show the West Seattle segment of ST3 potentially passing very close to this parcel, if not through it.  Obviously a lot could change during alternatives development and engineering over the next few years, but it would be awkward if ST discovers they need this parcel after it’s finally redeveloped after sitting vacant for years and years.

  • coffeedude December 5, 2017 (2:34 pm)

    I had a friend who moved into a 2 year old building up by Northgate and then Sound Transit bought the buildings and moved everyone out, and demolished the buildings.  Was poor planning if you ask me.  AND my friend got 32K to move out!  They paid a move allowance and then the difference in rent times 3 years for a place that was equal to his.  How is this good use of tax dollars?

    • WSB December 5, 2017 (2:36 pm)

      I believe it’s been discussed that the new Duwamish River bridge for light rail is expected to be north of the current bridge, not south … the track would have to turn and go over the current bridge to get to this particular site. But … it’s semi-early.

      • Scott A December 5, 2017 (3:31 pm)

        New bridge for Link would be south of existing WS bridges so very close to this property depending on exact alignment.


        • WSB December 5, 2017 (3:38 pm)

          I’ve sat through many ST briefings but perhaps my memory’s not serving me well today. South would make more sense for those who advocate tunneling through WS to The Junction.

        • Andrew December 16, 2017 (11:58 am)

          Thanks for sharing this, looks like it passes through that neighborhood in North Delridge, anyone know how that process for eminent domain works? It seems the market value could be impacted if buyers know the light rail runs through the site of the house, and dealing with getting funds from the city? Is the experience favorable for the homeowners, seems lowered value and having to buy back into the market.

    • Swede. December 5, 2017 (6:08 pm)

      ‘Good use of tax dollars’ is a bit of an oxymoron now isn’t it…

  • Jeannie December 5, 2017 (3:07 pm)

    Hey, in this crazy housing market, that wretched house could have been sold for $700,000!

    • Swede. December 5, 2017 (6:10 pm)

      Location. Location. Location. 

      ‘Close to free way so easy excess to SLU and downtown. And, soon light rail! So instead of sitting in traffic you can get there the same day.’ 

      • Matt S. December 5, 2017 (10:38 pm)

        Chuckled at ‘same day.’ Nicely done. 

  • Scott A December 5, 2017 (3:37 pm)

    I’m not finding a permit to do any work on this site (including demolition).  I am familiar with at least one derelict house in SE Seattle that doesn’t have a final new project plan but permits were issued to get rid of the mess.

    Here are permit records for this site: http://web6.seattle.gov/DPD/PermitStatus/default.aspx?a=3804,,23RD,AVE,SW

    • WSB December 5, 2017 (3:58 pm)

      Yes, I checked those. There is an application that includes demolition so I felt accurate in saying the end is near. I’ve seen demo permits issued the same day as the actual work on occasion. We’ll be going by daily from hereon out to keep an eye on the site – TR

  • ltfd December 5, 2017 (4:52 pm)

    That parcel will receive the “Eminent Domain” treatment from the ST octopus.

    • KBear December 5, 2017 (5:13 pm)

      That place is a nuisance. The owner deseved to lose it long ago. 

  • KtotheF December 6, 2017 (1:20 pm)

    Going to miss that hillside of plum trees, though. I stopped this morning to get a few (kinda’ gross!) from the ground to see if I can grow my own. Have gleaned from there a time or two with my dad.

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