WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another stolen car recovered, with arrests

Thanks to the texter who tipped us to this: Police have recovered another stolen car, and arrested 2 suspects. This time, it ended in a Gatewood apartment parking area, on SW Orchard just east of California [map]; the silver Acura above is the stolen car. SPD tells us an officer spotted it being driven nearby and pulled the driver over after verifying the car was stolen. They were still on scene awaiting a tow truck to impound the car. We don’t know anything about the suspects yet but will be watching the jail register.

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  • Hammy December 1, 2017 (3:53 pm)

    Our Honda Accord was stolen on November 9-10th (reported here on WSB) on SW Orchard Street and when I saw this I thought I’d provide an update.  The vehicle was recovered after a high speed cheese in Kent late on November 11th. The wheel was destroyed (and frame bent) as the police threw down something to stop the car.  The police were able to locate the suspect who fled the scene and arrested him. He was booked into the Kent Regional Justice Center.   Taylor Scott Reese  is approximately 23-24 years old and lives in Renton. He left drug paraphernalia in our vehicle (as well as the vehicle he left in place of ours).  He removed our booster seats and other items.  We spent about $500 repairing the car and getting it out of impound.  Thief was charged and released last Friday and immediately took to Facebook to celebrate his procurement of drugs.  We are glad we got our car back.   I appreciate the police calling us immediately after our car was found and keeping us informed.   Mostly I hope the thief won’t head right back out and steal another car as it is expensive, stressful, and time consuming. 

    • WSB December 1, 2017 (4:14 pm)

      Thanks for the update. Jail register says the person you name was in for 15 days and released this past Monday. I will add him to our watch list. Getting names is more important than ever as the longtime public-information officer in the prosecuting attorney’s office just retired and so far information isn’t as available as it used to be, so I’m trying harder than ever to make matches with people on the jail register, etc., but that is difficult at best, and in a case like yours, we would have no idea if you hadn’t mentioned this … the jail register does not show which police case suspects are matched to. – TR

    • Carole December 2, 2017 (1:10 am)

      He claims he was released on CCAP.  If so, it looks like he may have already violated the conditions of CCAP with drug possession/use.

  • Retired December 1, 2017 (11:08 pm)

    Attn.Honda,Toyota,Nissan owners ; Prevent your car from being the next target by simply disabling your vehicle completely when parking it for the night i.e. removing relays or disconnect a sensor which will keep the engine from kicking over.Assuming it’s a dead car they will hop right out and take it off their wish list.

    • face December 3, 2017 (12:18 pm)

      thank you for the information. I have a toyota truck and will certainly go look it up on youtube how to disable at night so I can stop getting up all night long checking my camera’s to see if anyone broke into it or stoled it. 

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