BIZNOTES: Click! break, Merryweather Books update, West Seattle Produce, Domino’s…

West Seattle biznotes for your New Year’s Eve afternoon:

CLICK! BREAK: If you need to get something at Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW; WSB sponsor), do it before 4 pm today, when they’re closing early to “spruce up the shop” over the next two-plus weeks – reopening January 19th.

MERRYWEATHER BOOKS UPDATE: In early December, we reported via a reader tip that this used-books shop in The Junction (4537 California SW) is closing. Today, Mary Clark sent us the full announcement they want to share with the community:

After more than 20 years, Merryweather (Leisure) Books is sadly going to have to close our retail location. We need to focus on our families and are not able to put the time into the store that would enable us to keep it open. We will be open reduced hours during January and the books will be on sale as we clear out. We will continue selling online. Come in and leave us your email it you would like to get announcements of online stock and specials and check our facebook page for an easy link to our store.

It has been an honor and joy to be part of your community over the years. We always had a nook and chair for people to curl up in and rest, read, and browse. We have watched people explore the world of books, plundering our shelves and finding treasures, connecting to stories that opened up vistas in their imaginations. We have watched families bringing in children for their first book, grandparents sharing their favorite stores, and the children grow up and share stories, and connect ideas with others who love books. That is what independent bookstores do. So now as we close our doors, we say thank you so much for making us a part of your life! We will miss everyone very much. We will have a going-away party during the Art Walk in January.

We know many people have trade credit with our store. Come in and take advantage of our storewide sale to use your credit. If you have books on consignment with us, please come in and pick them up. We will be selling some of the cases and fixtures so if you are interested let us know.

Again thank you to all our loyal customers from Mary, Manya, Ron, and all of our family.

WEST SEATTLE PRODUCE: When we reported a month ago on the longtime produce stand’s plan to close because of redevelopment at their site (4722 Fauntleroy Way SW), the plan was “at the end of this year” – but don’t expect to find New Year’s Eve fruit and vegetables there; their last day was Christmas Eve. A dumpster is already on the site, Kevin Freitas found out, and tweeted this photo:

No word yet on a new location.

SECOND DOMINO’S PIZZA NOW OPEN: Back in May, we discovered the plan for Domino’s to open a second West Seattle location at Springline (3220 California SW). The store‘s manager confirms it’s now officially open.

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  • RayWest January 3, 2018 (4:36 am)

    I saw a sign at the now vacated West Seattle Produce that they will be reopening in a new location. Any word on where that will be?  I’m very happy to hear they intend to stay around.

    • WSB January 4, 2018 (1:36 am)

      Last time they mentioned it, they were still looking.

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