WEST SEATTLE ROAD WORK: Speed humps and more, extending Highland Park Greenway down SW Trenton

(WSB photo: Looking west on Trenton from east of 14th SW)

Jeff asked us on Twitter about the speed-hump installation on SW Trenton, so we checked out the work and checked in with SDOT. From 18th SW eastward, they’re going in on an average of one per block, along with other features to make the street more walking/biking friendly, as an extension of the Highland Park Greenway. SDOT’s Dan Anderson says it’s a continuation of the work described in this alert that was sent to area residents a while back.

The speed humps on SW Trenton St are part of an extension of the existing neighborhood greenway to Highland Park Elementary School and playground. … SW Trenton St and 11th Ave SW will get our typical neighborhood greenway traffic calming treatment of about one speed hump per block. We’ll add pavement markings in about a month – weather permitting – and we’ll be adding stop signs for side streets and other wayfinding and safety signage.

The speed-hump installation is moving eastward – when we took a look earlier this afternoon, SW Trenton was closed east of 13th, while work west of there continued with the road remaining open.

3 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE ROAD WORK: Speed humps and more, extending Highland Park Greenway down SW Trenton"

  • SaraB November 29, 2017 (4:05 pm)

    My British grandmother called them “sleeping policemen.”  I much prefer her term over “speed humps,” although I’m glad to see them installed on Trenton.  

  • Darryll November 29, 2017 (9:56 pm)

    Very happy to finally see some additional attempts at traffic calming here. Hopefully this puts a damper on the chronic stop-sign-running at 17th and Trenton as well as the rush hour speeding through the school zone on Trenton between 9th Ave SW and 16th Ave SW.  I also hope that the same can eventually be done on blocks north of Trenton, as well as on 12th Ave SW – all suffer the same problems we see on Trenton.

  • 1994 December 5, 2017 (10:32 pm)

    While I appreciate traffic safety I am also thinking that SDOT needs to accept the increase in the volume of vehicles in the city and help traffic MOVE instead of slowing it down. Maybe SDOT needs to reconfigure some ‘side’ streets to accommodate higher traffic volumes instead of fighting it with speed humps, round-about circles with 2 stop signs at intersections that leave the non-stop sign drivers confused and unsure who has the right of way!  The MOVE Seattle levy should MOVE all of Seattle. 

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