SEE THE ORCAS! Video, photos from today’s West Seattle whale-watching

Throughout the day, both firsthand and with the help of tipsters, we reported on Southern Resident Killer Whales’ travels past West Seattle’s western shore today. As they headed southbound, they were visible through binoculars, closer to the other side of the Sound than to us – but when they turned around and headed back north, they were close to shore, visible without assistance, as you can see in David Hutchinson‘s video above and Trileigh Tucker‘s photos below:

And more video – a long look at them from Ben Maund, recorded from Lincoln Park:

Will we see them again tomorrow? Depends on where they are following the fish!

8 Replies to "SEE THE ORCAS! Video, photos from today's West Seattle whale-watching"

  • Kersti Muul November 8, 2017 (10:39 pm)

    Great stuff….

    Such a community out their today on shore, mirroring the tightly grouped whales.

    I’m still spellbound.

    And my computer is still dead so here’s a nice photo of my camera screen 😏🤣😂

    • newnative November 9, 2017 (10:44 am)

      That’s weird, the photo changed from the camera photo to a pic of inside a ferry. 

      • WSB November 9, 2017 (10:46 am)

        Still shows properly for me but the image-in-comments plug-in continues to have a bug here or there … I know Kersti would have shared a full photo or two if not for her computer trouble :( … TR

  • Also John November 9, 2017 (7:33 am)

    Enjoy them while you can.  At the rate they’re dying off (thanks to us) they won’t be around much longer.  Sorry for stating the fact.

  • wsgal November 9, 2017 (7:45 am)

    Absolutely amazing.

    Seems like that boat was un-necessarily close to them in that second video…

    • WSB November 9, 2017 (7:53 am)

      Research boat.

  • Pam November 9, 2017 (5:17 pm)

    Thank you Orca for sharing yourselves with us.  I pray that enough of us humans do our individual small parts to tip the balance toward your enduring future.  Our day by day  human choices, personal – industrial – scientific – political and spiritual add up to tomorrow’s outcome.

    • WSB November 9, 2017 (5:44 pm)

      For those voicing concern: I mentioned this in our first Wednesday story but not in this one – save December 12th for The Whale Trail’s winter gathering, with an update on the SRKW’s status – C&P, 6 pm, but watch for an official announcement, which we of course will publish, and you’ll find it soon at – TR

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