WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Cannabis shop hit 3 times in 1 week; 2 car prowls

In West Seattle Crime Watch this morning:

3 BURGLARIES IN 1 WEEK @ CANNABIS SHOP: Police are investigating early-morning burglaries today, Sunday, and last Monday at Canna West Seattle (5435 California SW). After hearing from neighbors about the break-ins in the past two days, we requested the reports from SPD, and one report mentions another break-in a week ago. This morning’s full report isn’t available yet but media relations Det. Mark Jamieson tells WSB, “It happened about 3:18 am and was reported by a neighbor. The caller stated that 3 black males in their 20s were observed running northbound from the business carrying bags. Officers arrived within minutes of the call along with a K9. The K9 team did a track, but it appears that the suspects got into a car.” As for the Sunday break-in, the report narrative says police got the call at 3:50 am, with a neighbor reporting “three males in front of the store breaking into the front glass door with axes.” K-9 tracking in this case also suggested that the burglars departed in a vehicle. And this report says police were met at the business Sunday morning by the owner, who told them the store had been broken into last Monday (October 16th) in the same way, by three people with axes. The report says there’s surveillance video and that, in the Sunday burglary, it shows that the burglars – who wore masks and gloves – were in the store for just two minutes, breaking the door at 3:37 am and fleeing with merchandise at 3:39 am.

Also, two reader reports about overnight car prowls:


We wanted to let everyone know that there are car prowlers in Arbor Heights. My husband was loading up his car this morning between 5 and 6 (making several trips), and someone took multiple items from his car. They stole his work computer and everything from his console. They also left a women’s purse and a trail of garbage from our house toward Fauntleroy Park. We live near 39th and 97th aves. [map] It is particularly upsetting because the car was parked at the end of our driveway (closest to the house) and was essentially right outside our back door. We were all inside (my husband, myself, our toddler and infant) about 20 feet away. The car is also parked under a security light and they had to walk down our driveway past my car to get to it. Given this, it was particularly bold, brazen and unsettling. We were wondering if people were watching and waiting, or if it was just dumb luck. Apparently leaving your car unlocked, in your driveway, outside your back door for about 30 minutes in the morning is just not safe any more.


Our older-model Highlander was prowled sometime last night (Sunday). Car was mistakenly left unlocked – no broken windows. Nothing of value taken but would love to have back the car records, etc. that were in a small zipper binder in the glove box if someone finds it randomly dumped. Car was parked in vicinity of 41st and Austin. Lock your car at all times and leave nothing inside.

P.S. Another reminder that the next local crime/safety-related meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday (October 24th), the West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network, with special guest Councilmember Lisa Herbold – 6:30 pm, Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster).

14 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Cannabis shop hit 3 times in 1 week; 2 car prowls"

  • HelperMonkey October 23, 2017 (10:49 am)

    Both of our vehicles were also prowled last night, parked in the driveway in Arbor Heights. Took change from my console. Rifled through but didn’t take anything from the BF’s car. 

  • bolo October 23, 2017 (11:17 am)

    Maybe the pot shop can reduce their theft attractiveness by locking the merchandise in a safe each nite– like a jewelry store.

    • P October 23, 2017 (1:46 pm)

      Not sure if you’ve ever been in there but that would be a lot of work to do every night & morning. Im sure if it was locked away burglars would still make an attempt, hell they stole an entire ATM.

      I’m actually surprised no one has commented for needing more cops since it was a store that was robbed. Seems like people only want those using the bus lane to be topped by officers. 

      • New Guy October 23, 2017 (10:21 pm)

        This. More policing is needed in WS pronto. It is blindingly obvious; until this  is acknowledged, things will get worse

        • dawsonct October 24, 2017 (10:52 am)

          Really!? Are you feeling unsafe?

          • Maria October 24, 2017 (3:54 pm)

            Uhm yeah.  Shootings, stabbings, theft, property damage.    This is throughout WS, from Alki to White Center.  Why put up with it? Why wouldn’t it be better if things were safer?

          • P October 24, 2017 (7:50 pm)

            I don’t feel unsafe personally it’s just comical to see everyone saying WS is going to hell im a hand basket but most people are crying for more police to catch those using bus lanes and not fully stopping at red lights.

            crime knows no address & it’s no surprise that we’re seeing an uptick of crime considering the shut the homeless camp under the bridge, West Seattle was the closest neighborhood to move to. 

            Everyone wants to live & be safe of course but no one is willing to stop & take the time to make things better. 

            Truth of the matter is is that that crime happens we are just more informed than most because we have such a great blog to keep us up to date. 

  • Alkidriver October 23, 2017 (3:33 pm)

    Reefer madness!

  • Junction Lady October 23, 2017 (6:55 pm)

    I don’t care for this pot shop in my neighborhood.  

    • dawsonct October 24, 2017 (10:51 am)

      Don’t shop there then.
      I Do care that this pot shop is in our neighborhood.
      It’s pretty low-key and fairly unobtrusive. I didn’t know they had opened up until months after they went into business.

  • M October 23, 2017 (8:05 pm)

    Our unlocked car was prowled last night as well. Took about $1.00 in change and left everything  valuable. We are also in Arbor Heights/Fauntleroy. 

  • AT October 23, 2017 (9:03 pm)

    That sucks.  I’ve had to deal with two business break-ins recently.  Stressful and a huge waste of time and money to get things cleaned up and fixed.

  • ScubaFrog October 24, 2017 (12:30 pm)

    Bummer man.  I do agree with more policing, and I’m willing to pay more in taxes to that end.  Sadly a lot of Seattleites aren’t (and then complain about more crime – but that’s neither here nor there).

    Good vibes to the victims, if I had advice other than cameras, a weapon for self defense and motion sensors, I’d gladly impart them unto you.

    Part of me wonders if Wilske was a better Captain.  He sure made himself more available to the general public.  Davis doesn’t even answer mail.

  • Kyle Phillips October 24, 2017 (3:48 pm)

    I feel for Cannawest.  

    Not only do they have expense of repairs and replacement of product loss, but they also have no options for insurance against theft or writing off the losses due to federal prohibition of cannabis business.

    I’ll be stopping in soon to support them with a purchase.

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