Salmon show up in Fauntleroy Creek, so you’re invited to visit Sunday afternoon

Less than a week after this year’s gathering to call the coho home to Fauntleroy Creek, two have shown up. Creek steward Judy Pickens says Mark Ahlness‘s photo above shows the first one, seen yesterday afternoon: “It reverted to the culvert and appeared again this morning.” She adds, “Then another, with full color, came in this afternoon. That’s a firm two now, perhaps a pair.” So you are invited to come to the creek tomorrow afternoon (Sunday, October 29th) – volunteers will be at creekside 2 pm-3:30 pm. They can’t guarantee you’ll see one but you can take a look and ask questions. As Judy says, “People interested in taking a chance on seeing spawners will be welcome. Children should bring a parent and dogs should stay safely at home.” Come to the fish-ladder viewpoint (SW Director & upper Fauntleroy Way SW, across from the ferry terminal) and a volunteer will invite you down.

2 Replies to "Salmon show up in Fauntleroy Creek, so you're invited to visit Sunday afternoon"

  • rob October 28, 2017 (8:04 pm)

     would it not be better to have us stay away and leave the fish alone

    • WSB October 28, 2017 (9:06 pm)

      This viewing does NOT involve stepping into or touching the water, or putting anything into it, so you’re not bothering them that way. You’ll also notice that you’re asked not to bring dogs. If you keep a respectful, quiet distance, it’s not considered to be a problem. The salmon – which are doing this as the last act of their lives – are rather intent on fulfilling their mission. And this is why they’re only inviting people to visit the creek when they have volunteers to monitor and assist. – TR

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