UPDATE: Police arrest 3 teens in Upper Fauntleroy after gunfire on Puget Ridge

(UPDATED 10:09 AM THURSDAY with additional information from police)

9:43 PM: We’re working to find out more about a police search in the 39th SW/SW Cloverdale area. This is related to gunfire somewhere else – no injuries reported so far that we have heard. Police were following a vehicle with suspects in it and are reported to have two people in custody but are looking for others. More when we get it.

9:50 PM: The search is around a fairly wide area, including part of Westwood to the east, and a K-9 team is involved.

9:56 PM: Police tell us this started around 21st and Graham [map] on Puget Ridge.

10:11 PM: While our crew is off checking on that scene, we’ve just heard via scanner that another person has been taken into custody near 37th/Cloverdale, and “weapon recovered” (they had been looking for a gun but reportedly had not found it in the car).

10:16 PM: Part of 21st SW is closed at Graham, our crew reports, while Gang Unit members are investigating. (photo added above) The shell casings from the original gunfire incident are clearly marked on the street here. We’re told they expect to keep the street closed another half-hour or so. Meantime, back at the Upper Fauntleroy scene, officers have confirmed to dispatchers that they do not believe any other suspects are at large.

ADDED 10:19 AM THURSDAY: Just in via SPD Blotter, before we even checked in with SPD looking for additional details:

Three juvenile suspects, all 17 -year-old males, were arrested Wednesday evening following a drive-by shooting in West Seattle after they crashed the car they were driving. A handgun was recovered at the scene.

Just before 9:30 p.m. officers responded to reports of shots fired at a residence in the 6300 block of 21st Avenue SW. Witnesses provided officers with a suspect vehicle description and officers located a possible suspect vehicle nearby. The vehicle fled from officers but crashed a short distance away. Two of the three occupants were taken into custody at the vehicle, but the third suspect fled on foot. A few minutes later he was located and arrested after a K-9 track. That suspect had a 9mm handgun in his possession.

While investigating the incident, officers learned from the victim that the three suspects were known to the victim and had been in a long-standing disagreement with her boyfriend. The victim also informed officers that approximately ten minutes prior to the shooting incident, the same suspects shot out the back window of a car she and her boyfriend were driving in while on Delridge. That shooting was not reported to police at the time. The boyfriend had left the scene prior to the police arrival.

Officers examined the victim’s vehicle and discovered several apparent bullet holes and a damaged rear window. The scene was processed and the victim’s car was impounded. There were no reported injuries.
The three suspects were later booked into the Youth Services Center. Southwest Precinct detectives will handle the follow-up investigation.

13 Replies to "UPDATE: Police arrest 3 teens in Upper Fauntleroy after gunfire on Puget Ridge"

  • Dustin October 18, 2017 (9:53 pm)

    39th and Cloverdale resident here. Watched the police (through the blinds) order two men out of a vehicle at gun point one at a time. Four squad cars here now. 

  • Spooled October 18, 2017 (10:24 pm)

    That was fast!  Heard the shots (6) around 9:20pm from 18th and a car peeling away.  Way to go SPD! Now for the rest of the system to do its job…

  • Alki Resident October 18, 2017 (10:26 pm)

    Seriously proud of our officers tonite. Woohoo

  • Timber October 18, 2017 (10:39 pm)

    K9 Unit tracked down another suspect right near 39th and Cloverdale–ALL suspects, according to police officer handling the case are in police custody.

    • WSB October 18, 2017 (10:48 pm)

      Thanks! Got that in the 10:11 update. And we will of course follow up on this tomorrow, though at least one suspect was described as a juvenile so it’ll be more difficult to track his status…

    • MercyMoi October 19, 2017 (2:20 am)

      It’s a wonder the K-9 unit can be successful in this downpour. Wow.

  • Justice October 19, 2017 (6:27 am)

    As the neighbor of the home that was shot at I want to say THANK YOU to SPD for being so responsive.  I wasn’t home yet when it happened, but arrived shortly after.  My roommate was in the living room and said they were there moments after it happened. All the police were very understanding and allowed me through to park in front of my house and they were able to tell me when I arrived about 10 minutes after the shooting that they had aprehended multiple suspects.

  • tabetoes October 19, 2017 (7:59 am)

    Is there any information about the actual shooting? I live on 21st and definitely heard it, followed by some police cars. Did they really shoot at a house?? 

  • Mom October 19, 2017 (9:35 am)
    I posted this on Facebook:

     “If your high school kid drives a Honda Civic in GREY – they were driving down the wrong side of the road in the neighborhood by West Seattle High School. I have the license plate (this is a stock pic). Not wanting to shame this kid or the students with him – god knows I made bad choices as a teen too and I’ll have teens at some point – but this was super unsafe. Kids were around and had a car needed to get out of the way the sidewalk was in use by kids walking home. PM me if you want to check the license plate. And mama – no judgement – kids are just sometimes really really stupid.” 

    The plate matches the picture above – I have pictures of the car and I can describe the kids. I’ve called the police. 
    • WSB October 19, 2017 (10:08 am)

      Thanks. SPD Blotter has just posted about this with some additional details that I am adding above momentarily – TR

  • abbathehut October 19, 2017 (1:10 pm)

    What cowards. Wish they were 18…

  • Vikki October 19, 2017 (6:56 pm)

    Way to go SPD!  I live on 21st and heard all the shots and went into immediate lockdown mode.   Thanks for  catching these kids and thanks west seattle blog for keeping us updated !!!!  Getting pretty concerned about the increase in crime in the Delridge Area.  

  • Rebecca October 21, 2017 (3:29 am)

    Know the family and the young lady involved, well known to the street

    unfortunate situation but the young girl and her boyfriend run with gangs, and lots of questionable activities we have witnessed in the house so for the neighbors not surprised 

    what ever happened to parents being role models , the neighborhood struggles with gang activities and is pushing families into moving

    great job by the spd the street continues to need your presence

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