16 applicants for temporary City Council vacancy to make their case to councilmembers tomorrow night

Tomorrow night, each of the 16 applicants for the temporary Seattle City Council Position 8 vacancy – the one Tim Burgess left to become temporary Mayor – gets 3 minutes to make their case to the current councilmembers, at a City Hall hearing. Then members of the public get their chance to comment. It’s a key part of the process leading up to the councilmembers’ decision this Friday, as explained here. Application materials with the applicants’ backgrounds is now available online. The list:

Ray Armitstead
Richard Baron
Tiniell Cato
Kirsten Harris-Talley
Lewis Jones
Brendan Kolding
Nick Licata
Kaylee McClure
Brianna McDonald
Doug Nellis
ChrisTiana ObeySumner
Abel Pacheco Jr.
Jennifer Perevodchikov
Robert Radford
Alex Tsimerman
David Tygerson

Browsing the background info – which, for each candidate, is linked toward the bottom of this page – we see at least one West Seattleite; that’s Brendan Kolding, who has run for office before. The application materials posted online don’t specifically include a spot for candidates to mention their neighborhoods, so if anyone else on the list is from West Seattle, let us know! The City Council seat is at-large (citywide), so applications were accepted from people anywhere in the city. The person appointed Friday by the current council will have the job until the November election results are certified – Burgess wasn’t running for re-election, so the permanent councilmember will be either Teresa Mosqueda or Jon Grant, the top two vote-getters in the August primary. In the meantime, if you don’t want to speak at tomorrow night’s 5 pm public hearing, you can also send your thoughts to the council by e-mailing council@seattle.gov.

4 Replies to "16 applicants for temporary City Council vacancy to make their case to councilmembers tomorrow night"

  • Brandon October 3, 2017 (7:32 pm)

    LIstening to the candidate, not one of them have impressed me.  Pretty lame group who don’t seem to have any grasp of the scope of what the City Council does, or the expertise required.  Pretty scary this is the choices for a critical government position.  It’s like a high school production.

    • CMT October 3, 2017 (10:04 pm)

      That’s exactly how I feel when I hear at least one of the existing council members speak.

  • Bob October 3, 2017 (10:31 pm)

    What, no GoodSpaceGuy??

  • Mark October 4, 2017 (11:45 am)


    Good question, GoodSpaceGuy would fit right in with the current Council.


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