CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: 3 charges against Jason Bramblett in Riverview burglary case

The repeat offender arrested after Saturday night’s Riverview burglary and Puget Ridge car crash is now charged, and back in jail.

32-year-old Jason L. Bramblett got out of jail on bond after a judge set his bail at $5,000; tonight, he’s back in, with bail set at 10 times that amount, after prosecutors charged him with residential burglary, attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle, and DUI.

Charging papers note that Bramblett has four other burglary convictions, including the 2012 Pigeon Point case for which he recently served time in state prison (we obtained the mugshot at right from the state Corrections Department). His record is detailed in the charging document as going back into his teens:

As of September 27, 2017, the defendant’s criminal history includes: Burglary 1 (2012), Attempt Theft (2012), Theft (2010), Residential Burglary (2008), Assault 4 (2007), Taking Motor Vehicle 2 (2007), Obstructing (2006), Property Destruction –DV (2005), Theft 1 (2005), Burglary 2 (2005), Assault (2004), Assault/Harassment/MIP (2003), VUCSA (2003), Residential Burglary/Trespass 1/Theft 3 (2002-Juvenile), Taking Motor Vehicle 2 (2000-Juvenile), Malicious Mischief 1/Theft 2 (2000-Juvenile), Theft 3 (1998-Juvenile).

Today’s documents otherwise tell the same story outlined in our report on Monday – a neighbor near the burglarized house in the 7200 block of 12th SW saw an unfamiliar vehicle pull up, with a man getting out, climbing over the fence, and trying to kick in a door. The neighbor called 911 and said he was fairly certain his neighbor wasn’t home. Police arrived and saw the man carrying out a TV set, trying but failing to get it over the fence; they then found him and his green Ford sedan (registered to Bramblett) on SW Orchard. He headed westbound, and when police tried to pull him over, he briefly complied but then took off again. He then was found near 16th and Dawson after crashing his car into a parked vehicle; officers reported he seemed drunk. His car had been left running, in “drive,” with, according to the documents, “a large can of Four Loko malt liquor seen on the driver-side floorboard.”

Bramblett was taken into custody. His car was impounded and the report accompanying the charging papers say that items found inside it included a TV, a PS2 game system, two phones, and a tool kit. A name found with the tools led police to a Shoreline man who, when contacted, told police that he and his roommates had been burglarized earlier that same day. (He and his roommates have since been to the Southwest Precinct and identified some of the items, but some of what was found in Bramblett’s car, the police document says, remains a mystery.)

In addition to being held on the new charges, Bramblett is also being held for alleged violation of his probation (“community custody”). And today’s charging documents attempt to explain something that wasn’t available for our report on Monday – noting that prosecutors had asked that day for Bramblett’s bail to be set at $50,000, but the judge set it at $5,000, possibly – wrote prosecutors – lacking full details of the eluding attempt (in which, they say, he nearly ran down the officer who had walked up to the suspect’s car), and lacking full details of the 2012 burglary case, in which Bramblett assaulted a resident after kicking in a door.

15 Replies to "CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: 3 charges against Jason Bramblett in Riverview burglary case"

  • Sam September 27, 2017 (10:16 pm)

    This guy is a terror to society

  • Trickycoolj September 28, 2017 (12:03 am)

    Considering I’m the same age as this guy his record starts in 7th grade!  That’s junior high. Put him away for crying out loud. 

  • ScubaFrog September 28, 2017 (12:44 am)

    He is a terror to society.  Sadly he’ll be out in no time to reoffend.

  • B Ackerley September 28, 2017 (6:29 am)

    I thought Four Loko wasn’t allowed to be sold in the city/county anymore. Not that consumig it should be an excuse for his crimes.

    • P September 28, 2017 (8:52 am)

      it was pulled off the shelf until the redid the formula/recipe to take the guarana out.

      4 loko is fairly strong for it’s price point but definitely not strong enough to encourage bad behavior haha. ;)

  • Casey September 28, 2017 (6:49 am)

    I’m not saying this person doesn’t deserve a criminal sentence but it sure makes me wonder, had there been some rehab program or treatment to help this guy learn a different way when he was young, maybe some of these offenses might not have happened. 

    • Ms. Sparkles September 28, 2017 (11:52 am)

       I was wondering how bad his parenting must have been…. or maybe he’s just a sociopath.  Either way, he doesn’t seem to have learned from past mistakes.

    • Alki Betty September 29, 2017 (3:39 pm)

      I was wondering that, too. Looks like 1998 was 1st offense. What if there had been some kind of mentoring intervention or program to help set him on a better path at that time? Hard to measure the “what if’s” but he certainly developed a pattern after that, didn’t he?!  :-( 

      • WSB September 29, 2017 (3:44 pm)

        In 2008 – midway between then and now – he got a prison-based DOSA (Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative, which includes treatment) for a burglary on Pigeon Point.

        • Concerned September 29, 2017 (10:19 pm)

          How did the DOSA work out? 

  • they September 28, 2017 (8:14 am)

    I sure hope I’m not in this guys way the next time he reminds us rules/laws don’t apply to me… 

  • Est.1986WS September 28, 2017 (8:54 am)

    This is a neighborhood guy stealing from his own neighborhood what a POS . No honor amongst thieves 

  • Mike September 28, 2017 (10:00 pm)

    He nearly ran an officer over and he’s still alive?  Wow…

  • Bradley September 29, 2017 (4:59 pm)

    Hmmm……so much for that fluffy DOSA program.

  • Sarah October 13, 2017 (5:18 pm)

    This  person went through the foster care system, battled drug addiction as a kid! Lockin up someone obviously won’t help.He needs counseling and treatment. What u didn’t read was that he had a full time job all they way till that day. He had conquered his addiction to some pretty bad drugs. He worked in the Union. Building our city. He had a replace on alcohol. This is a sad truly sad. 

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