Cup of Hope Baskets and Gifts: Welcoming a new West Seattle Blog sponsor

Today we’re welcoming Cup of Hope Baskets and Gifts as a new WSB sponsor. New local sponsors get the opportunity to tell you about themselves, and here’s what Cup of Hope would like you to know:

Summer may not last long here in Seattle, but that doesn’t mean the experience needs to fade. Whether you’ve been a guest in someone’s home or simply want to surprise your guest upon arrival, Cup of Hope Baskets and Gifts offers a selection of designer gift baskets to make those memories last throughout the year.

Every basket we create features an exquisite bone china teacup, boldly designed fine porcelain cup, or a sporty way to carry a favorite beverage, and award-winning luxury organic teas. Filled to the brim with joyful accessories and trimmings, Cup of Hope baskets become treasured keepsakes guaranteed to delight and inspire long after they’re delivered. The collections are designed to be uplifting, and to inspire relaxation, encouragement, celebration and thankfulness.

Free Gift Offer for West Seattle Blog Readers

You deserve something special too, so be sure to learn more about your appreciation gift below.

How Cup of Hope Began: Treating Yourself Is the Best Medicine

Nancy Parker is the founder of Cup of Hope Baskets and Gifts and a breast cancer survivor. Back in 2006, she underwent chemotherapy, the most emotionally draining and vulnerable time in her life. During those treatments, she was served hot tea, but in styrofoam cups. It was there and then she decided that she at least deserved a pretty cup to drink her tea from. Along with her cup, she would pack a few other goodies to go with her tea. That became her first “basket.”

Her baskets got noticed, so Nancy made up more of them for her cancer support group. The ladies loved them! This overwhelmingly positive experience catalyzed her into launching Cup of Hope Baskets and Gifts. “Giving something pretty, tangible and memorable can have an immeasurable impact on someone’s day. And giving something that lasts long after that day, is a continual reminder of just how much you care,” Nancy believes. It’s this philosophy that drives Nancy to continue her gift basket donations to Seattle and Eastside hospitals through patient navigators and social workers. She also provides free delivery to hospitals located on First Hill.

Thank You, West Seattle

As an appreciation to the wonderful West Seattle community, receive a complimentary Be Strong book, filled with quotes that inspire, with your gift basket order placed through the month of August. Use the promo code BESTRONG and save on shipping costs too by selecting the free pickup option when you check out.

We thank Cup of Hope Baskets and Gifts for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

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