VIDEO: Community celebration @ Murray CSO ‘wet-weather facility’

Until noon, you’re invited to come tour the new Murray combined-sewer-overflow-control “Wet Weather Facility” across from Lowman Beach Park – where a million-gallon storage tank is underground (where the people in the top photo are standing), ready in case a big storm sends too much stormwater and sewage to the Murray Pump Station (named for Murray Avenue SW) across the street. The King County Wastewater Treatment Division built the facility and we’re about to hear from its director Mark Isaacson as well as project manager Marla Coles, King County Council Chair Joe McDermott, and Deputy County Executive Fred Jarrett.

(Project consultant Scott Radford, demonstrating how water drains right through permeable pavement)

There are treats, informational stations, and tours, right where 48th SW meets Lincoln Park Way and Beach Drive.

ADDED 4:34 PM: Here’s our video of the speakers, who voiced pride in the project and thanks to the neighbors for putting up with years of construction:

Still a bit more to add later!

P.S. Those who took tours today got a look inside the building – if you missed that, here’s the story of our tour last Monday.

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