Brown water again: West of The Junction this time

Last night we published a reminder about calling Seattle Public Utilities if your tap water is discolored – 206-386-1800. Just heard from a resident west of The Junction who says she called because of brown water, apparently resulting from nearby fire-hydrant use she saw earlier.

3 Replies to "Brown water again: West of The Junction this time"

  • Chuck D June 26, 2017 (6:16 pm)

    I’m noticing this tonight in Gatewood. 

  • sgs June 26, 2017 (8:55 pm)

    Got it tonight, just west of Junction. Just got a new gas water heater….expensive! Hope the deposits don’t damage it too much. Just called it in and I guess the “inspector” will call us back to talk to us, but won’t do anything. I didn’t expect anything, but don’t see the use in talking to someone. Not sure if worth calling in…….

    • WSB June 26, 2017 (9:02 pm)

      Yes, it is. It was hydrant testing earlier but who knows, could be a water break tonight. Not necessarily likely but we have talked to SPU and they reiterate, if you get brown water, call it in. As with crime reports, the point isn’t always that there will be immediate action, but that they are at least aware of what’s happening, which can assist with big-picture planning down the line.

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