VIDEO: Mayor Murray announces at Alki Bathhouse that he will not run for re-election

(Added 12:09 pm: Unedited video of the mayor’s 9-minute speech)

10:29 AM: We’re at Alki Bathhouse, where Mayor Murray has just taken the stage.

(Front of the room, moments before the mayor arrived)
We’re told he will not take questions after making his statement. He begins, “I’m happy to be back home in Alki, where I spent my childhood … Alki is my favorite place on this planet. I’m happy to be back .. where it all began. I’m happy to be back here, a poor kid from this neighborhood who never even heard the word ‘gay’.” He says he’s “standing here before you as your mayor” and gets applause – a round of which greeted his arrival.

He is detailing achievements, starting with transportation, including the Viaduct/tunnel. “I’m happy to have been here, and to have been in the (state) House … and I’m happy after a 29-year battle to have passed the (LGBTQ) civil-rights bill.” More applause.

He continues to run through highlights of his career. “I’m happy to have been part of some remarkable achievements … from the civil-rights bill to the ring I wear on my finger.” Husband Michael Shiosaki is standing at his left. Murray’s voice is breaking a bit. “… We together have made progress as a city,” he continues.

(One minute of the mayor’s speech just before confirming he won’t run for re-election)

He is withdrawing as a candidate for mayor, he said at 10:34 am. He says the mayor’s race must focus on the future, and the “scandal” – referring to the lawsuit accusing him of sexually abusing minors decades ago – is making that impossible. He says it is hurting this city, as well as hurting him and his husband.

But, he says, deciding not to run for “the best job in politics – mayor of the city of Seattle – this career that has been my life” is painful. “It tears me to pieces to step away, but I believe it is in the best interest of this city that I love.”

… “I plan to remain mayor of this city until the end of my term, and I will be just as active (then as before). … As I have said in my final State of the City address, we cannot wait, Seattle cannot wait, we must continue moving forward.” And he thanks those who have stood by him for years, volunteers, family, friends. “I thank you for your support and your love .. and to the people of Seattle, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and this great city … It has been the absolute absolute opportunity of a lifetime.”

10:42 AM: The mayor has finished his remarks, and as an assistant told us beforehand, did not stay for questions. He left the stage after hugs and applause:

So who WILL be on the August 1st primary ballot? Next week is the official filing week for candidates, but 11 – besides Murray – have already filed campaign notices with the city – see them here – and we’ve heard of at least two more who aren’t listed there.

11:31 AM: We are back at HQ, uploading our video with the mayor’s entire statement, and we’ll be adding a few photos too. Here is the news release just published on the city website; it’s been one month and two days since the Seattle Times published first word of the lawsuit against the mayor.

While the mayor left right after his statement, some of those who stood behind him and along the walls inside the Bathhouse went outside and mingled a while in the sunshine, some doing TV interviews.

67 Replies to "VIDEO: Mayor Murray announces at Alki Bathhouse that he will not run for re-election"

  • Ric May 9, 2017 (10:46 am)

    Yeah, he’s the real victim here and blames everybody and everything else just like another political figure failure that I hope we’re finally done with.  But somehow, I doubt that.

  • Diane May 9, 2017 (10:58 am)

    sadly, all of your videos tell me “this media could not be played”

    • WSB May 9, 2017 (11:12 am)

      Working for me, but if your browser doesn’t like Twitter video, we’ll have the YouTube full clip before too long, just now arriving home.

      • Jon May 9, 2017 (5:21 pm)

        Twitter’s video (which piggybacks off of Facebook’s video tech) does not allow for people to view the media unless they are logged in. You have to link to the actual video file on Facebook’s servers; in which case, why even bother — just use YouTube or Vimeo.

        • WSB May 9, 2017 (5:32 pm)

          Not true. I just logged out and tested. Still displays for me. Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “piggybacks off” but Twitter and Facebook are not affiliated.

  • Bye Bye May 9, 2017 (11:18 am)

    @Ric, but he’s “quote un-quote” HAPPY!

    Just in the 1st 3 paragraphs its written 6 times that he had said he’s HAPPY. Good riddens. 

    • Ric May 9, 2017 (12:09 pm)

      I’d imagine he’s “happy” that the statute of limitations has run out on what could have been criminal charges.  He’ll just use campaign funds and supporters money to further address forthcoming issues.  He really should have resigned this morning.

  • Mark Schletty May 9, 2017 (11:44 am)

    Good riddance. Now can we get a moderate liberal to run? Someone who will immediately fire Kubly, reopen our arterials, kill HALA, address our long ignored basic city needs, and quit taxing our lower/fixed income citizens out of their homes.  That obviously isn’t McGinn, or any of the other declared candidates. Or any unelectable Republican. Just a reasonable Democrat.

    • West Seattle Hipster May 9, 2017 (11:53 am)


    • gh May 9, 2017 (1:39 pm)

      Good points; unfortunately, all reasonable Democrats have left the party… 

    • JC May 9, 2017 (2:41 pm)

      Agreed!  I highly doubt we’ll get someone like you suggested as Seattle has people who support socialism and communism ideas.  My dad used to work for the city of Seattle and has said this city is heading towards a socialist/communist style and never thought he would see it happening during his lifetime.  Just sad…………

      • andy May 10, 2017 (6:56 am)

        I’ve noticed the same thing.  Mr. Ed was a terrible state senator.  Why people voted for him is a puzzle to me. However, I fully expect that the people of Seattle will elect another socialist in his place since Seattle is a one party town. I would like to see a candidate or two who isn’t busy trying to destroy those of us who have rental property, and, in the process, cause the price of rentals to skyrocket. 

      • WS Native May 10, 2017 (9:33 pm)

        How ignorant, do your homework. Socialism is not Communism, nor even close to it. I would welcome a community minded Socialist to lead our city into the future, showing all how contributing more and taking less makes for a stronger community. Mayor Murray is innocent and was framed by the homophobic right wing, so sorry to see him go

    • CMT May 9, 2017 (2:51 pm)

      Here here!

    • Steve May 9, 2017 (3:11 pm)

      Come on now it is Seattle.  They will probably elect the spoken word champion!  Very qualified…

    • KT May 9, 2017 (3:13 pm)

      Well said.  But, sadly not likely to happen.

    • Mld May 9, 2017 (6:00 pm)

      Yeeeeessss!! Agree!!

    • TODD MARTIN May 9, 2017 (11:33 pm)

      SO TRUE

  • ANN Schumann May 9, 2017 (11:53 am)

    Glad he is gone…..New rules should take place about hiring spouses and being in control of their salary.  New mayor please look at the mess he caused with changing Admiral way to one lane.   Summer is coming and it is already a mess.  And we never wanted the tunnel….it was the Mayors idea….and we will be paying for a tunnel most of will never use when the viaduct could have easily been rebuilt for far less money.

    • WSB May 9, 2017 (11:59 am)

      Michael Shiosaki has been with the Parks Department since long, long before his husband became mayor. I don’t know when he started but we covered an event in West Seattle in 2008 in which he was one of the department’s representatives – that was five years before Murray was elected, following a career in state – not city – government.

      • Nepotism isn't cool May 9, 2017 (12:08 pm)

        Regardless of when his husband was hired, he reported to the Mayor. If that doesn’t qualify as nepotism what does?

        • WSB May 9, 2017 (12:17 pm)

          Definition of nepotism: “the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.” Again, he did not give his husband this job. Nor does his husband report to Murray; Shiosaki is not the superintendent of Seattle Parks (currently Jesús Aguirre), who DOES report to the mayor. Shiosaki has not been promoted during the mayor’s tenure, either.

          Should a person lose their job if someone in their family becomes head of whomever/whatever company/agency/etc. they work for?

          • Nepotism isn't cool May 9, 2017 (12:35 pm)

            That actually isn’t uncommon in private industry. If any relative; spouse, brother, sister, aunt or uncle becomes head of the company or department they work for, that person does in fact either lose their job or move to a position not directly under their relation. So in this case yes it unfortunately would, or should have resulted in the definition you provided. Nowhere in that definition does it say which part of the equation takes place first. So who does Shiosaki report to? The person that reports to the Mayor? It just doesn’t pass the straight faced test. 

    • Jort Sandwich May 9, 2017 (1:18 pm)

      I’m sorry to hear that you think the Admiral improvements are a “mess,” but think on the bright side: the road is now much safer for people to use, and the number of your neighbors who are injured or killed because of the road design will be greatly reduced.

  • wetone May 9, 2017 (11:54 am)

    Murray can’t stop playing the pity card, sounding like a broken record . Looks to have some real serious  issues. If his accusers were girls of same background/age, Murray would have been exposed much early and never made it to where he is today if guilty. I also think if allegations are found to be true, anyone that helped Murray hide his pedophilia background should be locked up with him for a long time. Can’t wait to get new Mayor in office either way that will start cleaning up city and fixing infrastructure issues. 

  • plf May 9, 2017 (12:06 pm)

    Not a loss at all…he has created a true mess that I doubt we will be able to fix..the density and the tunnel

    I am ashamed of this man from West Seattle…he should be ashamed of himself 

  • aa May 9, 2017 (12:17 pm)

    I hope we can all find a way to show compassion to this man and all involved.  How about if you wouldn’t say it to his face, don’t say it here.  We don’t know what happened in the 80’s and I am willing to let the courts figure that out.  Its not my place to lay judgement.  Was he my favorite Mayor?  Probably not.  That doesn’t mean I can’t show kindness to someone who is going through a very difficult time.  “Judge not lest ye be judged” and all that.

    • A May 9, 2017 (1:28 pm)

      I would gladly say to his face that he is a disgrace to this city both as a mayor and as a citizen. This guy has been a joke since day one of taking office. Even worse than that, there is a good possibility that he is a sex predator which would make him the worst of the worst scum on this earth. Today was a good day for the city of Seattle but it would have been much better if he had just resigned and saved this city from any further damage he may cause to it in the coming months

      • WS Native May 10, 2017 (9:40 pm)

        Hey A, you’re so brilliant and capable….maybe you should try running for Mayor. So tired of people like you who are quick to judge from your political arm chair. Instead of complaining, do something to be part of the solution. 

    • JennyL May 9, 2017 (4:33 pm)

      I’m on board with more civility. I watched Mayor Murray give a speech this weekend, and the silent judgment was heavy in the room. Let our judicial process work.

  • Jack Sparra May 9, 2017 (12:32 pm)

    sooooooo haaaaappppy! Need a new captain. Maybe a fiscal conservative! Pot holes not boulevards to nowhere for no reason.

    J Sparra

  • I. Ponder May 9, 2017 (12:36 pm)

    The more I read comments here and on NextDoor, the less I want to associate with ‘neighbors’. So many uninformed yet strong opinions. So many myopic NIMBYs lamenting that the good ole days have passed. 

    • Captin May 9, 2017 (6:38 pm)


      I’m someone who believes that when there’s smoke there’s probably fire but all I see on here is anectodal stuff and opinions on EVERY TOPIC.

      Im no fan of Kubly and no fan of one lane on 35th, etc. That doesn’t mean I think Kubly is a bad person screwing all of us because he’s working for “the man”. And I also agree that our taxpayer money could be spent more efficiently and with more discretion.

      I just wonder how many people that rant on this blog are transportation planners or urban planners? Maybe even with 20 yrs experience? How many have experience handling complex challenges in super complicated political environments effectively……bueller, Bueller….

      • Mark Schletty May 9, 2017 (7:44 pm)

        Captin-  Kubly had no experience in transportation before he was hired by Murray. The only thing concerning transportation that he had done was work on bicycle path planning. Two previous cities- bike planning only. His failure as a transportation director has nothing to do with “working for the man”. He only knows about, and cares about, bikes. And as for your  20 year experienced transportation and urban planning experts, they are the people who have screwed up this city. Sorry if I don’t trust their expertise.

      • WS Native May 10, 2017 (9:46 pm)

        Hear, hear! About 1,000 people are moving to Seattle from Silicon Valley each month to work for the local tech industry. Instead of blaming politicians, we should be protesting, demanding that corporations contribute to fixing the infrastructure

  • justme May 9, 2017 (1:10 pm)

    Applause? For what??? I don’t get it.

  • T Rex May 9, 2017 (1:12 pm)

    Since he knew he wanted to be a politician at 12, you would think at 30 you would know that young boys under the age of 18 are off limits. And how dare you come back to the beautiful neighborhood of Alki and  tell us how great you think you are. 

    You forgot one thing in your drama class speech Mayor, you did not resign.  

    No compassion here, more than one accuser is enough for me.  

  • Neighbor May 9, 2017 (1:47 pm)

    When someone who has in the past advocates for sexual assault victims turns around and behaves in the manner this Mayor has to his accusers it exposes  him to be at the least a total hypocrite and at worst the same guy who raped these men when they were young , effectively re victimizing them all over again.

  • Jayjay May 9, 2017 (2:18 pm)

    Please remember, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in criminal court. None of us are in an appropriate position to play judge and jury with regard to the allegations against him. I get that the statute of limitations applies for criminal charges, but he will likely face his accusers in court on the civil claims. I prefer to leave it to the courts to shake out.  With regard to his performance as mayor, not my favorite, but light years better than McGinn. 

  • AL May 9, 2017 (2:31 pm)

     Best news ever!  What a total dirt bag he is!   The city he loves- what a joke.    He has got to be the worst mayor this city has had.  

  • Les May 9, 2017 (3:25 pm)

     We should protest Murray until he resigns and  takes Scott Pronto Kubly  with him, both are failures.

  • bye bye May 9, 2017 (4:08 pm)

    @Ric…I guess I should had put the word “sarcasm” after what I had written! But I agree with you “he should have just resigned today” instead of dragging us threw more misery until he’s out of office!         

    • Rick May 10, 2017 (6:51 am)

      I got it.

  • Mark May 9, 2017 (4:48 pm)

    Mayor Murray likely made mistakes while in his 20’s like many of us did.  

    At this point he should resign.

    It would be really nice if a pragmatic center left person would step to the plate. 

    The City is off track, in my opinion.  Taxes have gone through the roof, property taxes in particular.  The City needs to focus spending on basics, street maintenance, police et al, and have an expectation people will find a job, historically low unemployment, to take care of themselves.

    Yes the cost of living is high, property taxes add to these costs.  Creating more bureaucracy simply adds to cost.  City government has grown substantially under Murray, his legacy is more and higher taxes and creating an unsustainable beauracracy.

    Its time for the pragmatic center left to make a comeback!


    • School parent May 9, 2017 (9:23 pm)

      Property taxes go up because that’s the only way we are allowed to pay for anything in this state.  And that’s the Legislature’s fault, not the Mayor’s.

      • Canton May 10, 2017 (5:33 am)

        With all the new property tax levies including the, new park district, move seattle transportation levy, housing and affordability levy, just to name a few. Are the parks any better with a blank check? Is transportation any better? Is anything in this city more affordable? So WHERE is this money going?

    • candrewb May 10, 2017 (5:28 am)

      Molesting children isn’t a typical mistake made in your twenties. Drugs, DUI, bar fight, reckless driving, etc… I can accept those.

  • Tong May 9, 2017 (5:20 pm)

     It would be lovely now that he is out of the picture if Seattle could pick itself a mayor who will MANAGE the CRITICAL CITY FUNCTIONS she/he is supposed to…like adequate police, safe streets, garbage pick, pot hole filling, responsibly spending tax payer money, making sure the sewage system doesn’t blow out and etc…

    Rather than someone like Ed…who wants to battle every imagined social justice issue in the galaxy…


    • WSGuy May 9, 2017 (10:28 pm)

      Right on.

  • Steve May 9, 2017 (5:21 pm)

    A great day that can only get better if the council, Dow, Petey Holmes, and kulby had made the same announcement!

  • waikikigirl May 9, 2017 (5:27 pm)

    I believe a person is presumed innocent until it is proven by the facts and the law and as some of the other commenters have said lets wait and see for Mayor Murray.

    But to MARK your comment made Mayor Murray likely made mistakes while in his 20’s like many of us did yes we all have made mistakes when young but these mistakes he is accused of are not like “most of us” have done, rape is not a mistake!

    But like I said he is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

  • Alki ma May 9, 2017 (5:28 pm)

    I bet if a moderate experienced thoughtful democrat entered this race they would stand out and have a great chance.  

  • flimflam May 9, 2017 (5:35 pm)

    oh, poor poor persecuted man. guilty or innocent of charges, his attacks on the accusers are straight out of the catholic church playbook and make him look even worse.

  • Norezone May 9, 2017 (6:06 pm)

    Does this mean there’s a slim chance the hala rezoning of single family homes won’t go through??

    • WSGuy May 9, 2017 (10:35 pm)

      That’s Rob Johnson’s baby.  He’s not up for re-election.  Rob and Murray’s campaigns were well funded by developers (e.g. Vulcan) so you should watch who they fund next.

      We can look at the two council seats and find anti-upzone candidates, if any run.  

      For sure we should throw Lorena Gonzales out.  She is pro-HALA, pro-developer, and likes to spend taxpayer money on things to show off her progressive virtues like an immigrant legal defense fund.

      • Mr. J May 10, 2017 (9:35 am)

        Wow! What a horrible position to take – I can’t believe anyone would support and immigrant defense fund. All council members really should be catering to just privileged West Seattle residents right?

        This City is bigger than you and this peninsula, why don’t you run for office rather than troll the blog all day long. 

        • CMT May 10, 2017 (10:52 am)

          I don’t think WS Guy was suggesting there should not be a fund to assist in immigrant defense – the question is whether it should be funded by already overtaxed residents of Seattle, when many in West Seattle (not privileged as you suggest) are at risk of being displaced by the City’s poorly planned and poorly executed policies such as HALA. 

          West Seattle does need to advocate for itself and its residents as the City planners sure as heck are not.

          • Double Dub Resident May 10, 2017 (11:44 am)

            It’s not an immigrant defense fund. Let’s quit trying to re label what this is like the far right trying to re label a gun (which is a weapon) as a tool. 

            This is a defense fund for immigrants who are here ILLEGALLY.

          • WSB May 10, 2017 (12:41 pm)

            That’s not all of who it’s for. Explained here:

          • Double Dub Resident May 10, 2017 (5:18 pm)

            So basically it’s for illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants who got a pass through the Obama administration, and they threw in refugees 

  • H May 9, 2017 (8:56 pm)

    Innocent til proven guilty. His campaign funds should not be used for his defense as read on Q13. What’s not to say more will step forward after this. It’s up to Seattle Court System now. Do we trust them?

  • Seattlite May 9, 2017 (10:21 pm)

    The first right decision Mr. Ed has ever made while in office is not to run again.  Seattle really needs to take a good look at how the city has been managed by far left mayors and city councils.  Seattle’s middleclass is shrinking, urban decay continues, urban overdevelopment continues, disrespect of SPD continues, no ideological diversity in mayoral candidates continues.  Seattle is too far left/socialist which does not bode well for this city’s future. 

  • Dave II May 10, 2017 (1:52 am)

    I used to love Seattle.

  • d May 10, 2017 (7:30 am)

    I have never met a poor kid from Alki

    • bolo May 11, 2017 (1:52 pm)

      Maybe not recently but remember Alki neighborhood was not always the noble neighborhood it is now.

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