UPDATE: Peel & Press, The Westy, Mission Cantina, Circa, Baked, Itto’s donating part of proceeds to New Leaf Bistro family on Wednesday

(UPDATED 12:18 AM WEDNESDAY – now six venues participating)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 11:56 PM MONDAY: Over the weekend, we published a followup about the community generosity toward the family that owns New Leaf Bistro in Admiral, as they cope with the sudden loss of father, husband, and co-proprietor Geoffrey Ly. That generosity continues with this announcement sent tonight by Dan Austin of Peel & Press in Morgan Junction:

This Wednesday [March 15th], Peel & Press and The Westy will donate 10% of our sales to Shi Qiu Chen of New Leaf Bistro. We were very saddened to hear about the passing of Geoffrey and wanted to create an additional way for folks to support the family. Being small-business owners is incredibly hard, and to add the loss of a loved one is just unimaginable. Peel & Press will also be selling two $50 gift cards with all proceeds going to the family. Our friends over at The Bridge have also offered to donate gift cards that will be available at Peel & Press for cash donation. If any other restaurants would like to join us, please reach out!

Peel & Press is at 6503 California SW; The Westy is at 7908 35th SW. (Both are WSB sponsors.)

ADDED 10:10 AM TUESDAY: As noted in comments, Mission Cantina in Admiral is joining the fundraiser: “Mission Cantina will also be joining in and donating 10% of their sales from Wednesday night. We will be selling $25 gift cards with all the proceeds going toward the fundraiser. They will be available at Mission Cantina (2325 California SW) or Peel & Press.”

ADDED 4:41 PM TUESDAY: Another Admiral District restaurant, Circa (2605 California SW), is joining in donating 10 percent of Wednesday’s proceeds.

ADDED 10:24 PM TUESDAY: And more – the Admiral custom bakery Baked is “selling cake at Circa and the Admiral Bird tomorrow and donating all proceeds to New Leaf,” as well as 10 percent of the proceeds of their own sales tomorrow.

ADDED 12:18 AM WEDNESDAY: We’ve also heard from Itto’s Tapas (4160 California SW), joining in to donate 10 percent of Wednesday proceeds.

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  • BigGuy55 March 14, 2017 (12:11 am)

    Thats’ awesome West Seattle restaurants are helping so much! the Go fund me is here by the way:


    We ate there last week and had no idea.  The food was AMAAAZZING !!!

  • Peter, Shawn, & Tina March 14, 2017 (8:59 am)

    Mission Cantina will also be joining in and donating 10% of their sales from Wednesday night. We will  be selling $25 gift cards with all the proceeds going towards the fundraiser. They will be available at Mission Cantina (2325 California Ave SW) or Peel & Press.

    Mission received so much generous support for our own employee fundraiser a few months back that we would love to show our gratitude and support to Geoffrey’s family.

  • BJ March 14, 2017 (10:08 am)

    This is really great to see, all. Nicely done!

  • Robby March 14, 2017 (12:45 pm)

    It’s great to see this in our community.  It’s hard to be a small business, especially a restaurant and it’s great to see all the places I love to eat come together to help each other survive. 

  • Peel & Press March 14, 2017 (4:47 pm)

    Thank you Peter, Shawn and Tina at Mission and to Gretchen and Bill at Circa for joining in!  You  guys are wonderful!

  • Phui Cooper March 14, 2017 (9:47 pm)

    I’m speaking on behalf of Shi Qiu Chen, owner of the New Leaf Bistro. She wholeheartedly thanks the ENTIRE community and the generosity of the restauranteurs that has offered help. She is beyond humbled. I’m not even sure if there’s a word to express “beyond humbled” because she is just doing as much as she can and is truly amazed by the compassion and the generosity of everyone. She never even thought this could happen. As a matter of fact, she was quite reluctant to seek help…but you all did it! She is and will always be forever grateful for all of your support!

    Thanks to this community and to: Peel & Press, The Westy, The Bridge, Mission Cantina and Circa for your awesome generosity. Also, to Aaron, owner of the Copper Coin and Coastline Burgers. This entire community have helped to lift her up as she and her kids are falling apart. Hope to meet you all.

    With so much gratitude,

    P. Cooper — sister to Shi Q.

  • Just Wondering March 15, 2017 (7:52 am)

    So Coastline Burgers is also part of the fundraising effort? 

    • WSB March 15, 2017 (7:58 am)

      If they are, I hope they’ll contact us so we can include them in the list. The establishments listed in the story are the only ones we have heard from so far.

    • P. Cooper March 15, 2017 (8:36 pm)

      Sorry for the late reply and misunderstanding. No, they were not a part of this tonight but the owner had reached out personally and has been really helpful. He’s been a great resource for information. 

  • Kim March 15, 2017 (2:06 pm)

    Very proud of our local businesses.  And might I just add a special kudos to Peel & Press, who always seem to be the first to offer up proceeds when tragedies happen.  It does not go unnoticed…thanks for being such a great support to our community!

    • Peel & Press March 15, 2017 (2:36 pm)

      Thanks Kim!  One of the greatest joys in being a small restaurant owner is the ability to have a positive impact on the community.  Every one of the local owners that I work with in West Seattle have the biggest hearts and are some of the greatest and hardest working people I know!  We are truly invested in doing the right thing when it comes to taking care of our neighbors.  The Westy, Beveridge Place Pub, The Bridge, West 5, Circa and Mission Cantina commonly work together to make these things happen.  I am glad to have Itto’s Tapas involved and thank them for their generosity.  

  • Just Wondering March 15, 2017 (5:51 pm)

    Just got back from dinner at Peel and Press.  Wonderful food and generous portions, we have dinner for tomorrow night!

  • John LeMaster March 15, 2017 (7:34 pm)

    Noble Barton’s in for 10% tonight 

  • Peel & Press March 15, 2017 (8:07 pm)

    You are LeMaster of generosity my friend! Thanks for joining in!

  • Sam-c March 15, 2017 (9:22 pm)

    Love the west seattle restaurant community, coming together. Couldn’t make it tonight, but had lunch at new leaf bistro last thursday and it was tasty. Can’t wait to go back

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