FOLLOWUP: City’s plan for trash cleanup along Spokane St., tent sweeping along bike trail. Plus, word of a ‘plan’ for RV camp

Continuing to follow up on the city’s promises for Spokane Street along and under the West Seattle Bridge east of the “low bridge,” in the wake of Friday’s attack on a bicyclist – today, we asked for more details on exactly what’s going to happen starting tomorrow, and what people who travel through the area should know. Here’s the reply from city spokesperson Julie Moore, who also mentions that a “plan” is in the works for the mostly-RV camp in the area:

The City’s Navigation Team will be out there tomorrow morning to offer services and alternative shelter, as they did yesterday. They will be working with any individuals in the area, but are focusing on moving those living in tents along the north end of the bike trail. See the attached map that highlights the area where tents along the bike trail will be removed:

Note that the encampment of RVs and tents located directly under the bridge between the two lanes of Spokane Street will not be removed tomorrow, though we are working on a plan for moving those individuals into better alternatives.

As far as bike detours, SDOT will begin setup around 9 a.m., after the morning commute. There will be detours for bikes and along the trail; users should expect reroutes signed around the work zones.

Additionally, separate of the Navigation Team’s work to move the individuals in the tents along the bike trail, trash pickup will be occurring all along Spokane Street from the water to I-5 over the next couple days.

The city’s Friday evening update had noted that, related to the trash pickup, “.. there may be impacts to traffic as a truck will be doing rolling stops along the route to collect the trash.” And that work is scheduled to continue this Thursday. (If you missed it yesterday, here’s our interview with the sergeant who leads the aforementioned Navigation Team.)

18 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: City's plan for trash cleanup along Spokane St., tent sweeping along bike trail. Plus, word of a 'plan' for RV camp"

  • Sandy March 28, 2017 (2:49 pm)

    What about the lighting issue?

  • My two cents ... March 28, 2017 (3:06 pm)

     It’s unfortunate that this action was predicated on an attack/incident. It will be a positive step forward in getting that area cleaned up –  aesthetically and overall security.  I will point to this incident and the appearance of this area as reasons why we have seen concern over homeless camps being placed in or near our neighborhoods.

  • AmandaK(H) March 28, 2017 (3:25 pm)

    The Mayor made a movie about how successful his response to the homelessness crisis has been.  It’s a movie, it must be true.

    • West Seattle Hipster March 28, 2017 (4:16 pm)

      Wow!  I am not sure who is more delusional, Murray or the people who are voting for him.

    • TM March 28, 2017 (9:17 pm)

      Very moving, the only thing missing was all the trash…

  • John March 28, 2017 (3:28 pm)

    About time!  It’s like riding through the City dump reach day.  An absolute embarrassment for our City.

    Are they going to clean up under the lower bridge!

  • sgs March 28, 2017 (4:37 pm)

    I’ve driven eastbound over the bridge at around 10 pm and noticed that the street lights ON the eastbound direction of the bridge are out too; wonder if it is related?  When it’s dark and rainy it was very difficult to see.

  • LeeRae Blaylock March 28, 2017 (7:02 pm)

    Where will the be moved. Who pays for this?

    • WSB March 28, 2017 (7:08 pm)

      Mentioned in yesterday’s story. For the tents that will be moved out – about 10 of them, though they’re not sure how many people are associated with those tents – they will be offered space in the city’s sanctioned encampments, Navigation Team Sgt. Zerr told us yesterday – Camp Second Chance on Myers Way, the camp on S. Myrtle in Georgetown, for example. As for “who pays,” it’s all city operations – police, cleanup, outreach workers on contract with the city ….

  • Junction Lady March 28, 2017 (7:04 pm)

    I wish our City leaders would be more proactive rather than reactive.

  • McFail March 28, 2017 (7:21 pm)

    No love for the lower bridge?

    • Dave March 28, 2017 (9:05 pm)

      Thanks for posting these photos.

  • WS Commuter March 28, 2017 (7:40 pm)

    Thanks for following this so closely, WSB! Four questions I have that I’d appreciate you continuing to push for answers on if possible:

    1) What is the proper way to document and seek resolution for issues like this, before an attack? I know of multiple individuals (myself included) who have submitted Find It Fix It requests for this area in recent months, all of which were marked as ‘closed’ without resolution. I’m happy to provide you details of my own request offline if you’re willing to dig into the details of why it was marked as closed without any apparent action.

    2) Somewhat related to 1, but if encampments reappear in the section of the path that the city will be clear in the coming days, what will be the policy for removing them? Phrased differently: will the city start responding to Find It Fix It requests within a reasonable length of time, or will they continue to be ignored?

    3) When can we expect details of the ‘plan’ to clear out the tents and RVs that are parked directly under the bridge? That area represents the majority of the campers in the area (your 7:08 pm comment above notes that only about 10 tent sites will be cleared this week), and without clearing the rest, I suspect that there will be very little change in the amount of garbage being generated, or in the perceived (or actual) safety of those passing through this corridor for transportation.

    4) Between now and the time that the ‘plan’ to fully clear out the camp is implemented, will trash pickup continue at defined intervals, or is this week’s trash pickup a one-time occurrence?

    Thanks again for devoting some much-needed attention to this issue!

  • Wsres March 28, 2017 (8:56 pm)

    I hate our mayor. Yes, I know, hate is a strong word, but this homeless issue is out of control and it seems like he is doing NOTHING about it.

    • Steve March 28, 2017 (9:19 pm)

      Yes he is, he is making it up as he goes!  It is working so well for Seattle!  Spend those “democracy” vouchers wisely! 

      • WSB March 28, 2017 (9:41 pm)

        Lest someone be confused by your comment, the mayor’s race is not eligible for “democracy voucher” funding this year. Just the city attorney and the two at-large council positions that are the only ones on the ballot this year. Here’s who’s running for what so far:

        Asterisk means they’ve qualified for the vouchers.

  • LK March 29, 2017 (7:20 am)

    This is good news…the area has turned into an absolute dump over the past year or so.  The City really needs to stay on top of the astronomical amount of garbage that’s been piling up.

  • RS March 29, 2017 (10:34 pm)

    North side of Spokane was being cleared this morning and then by 5pm, a few of the tents just set up shop again on the South side of Spokane where the massive garbage pile was finally addressed and removed.

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